Free Download How To Hack A Smart Bluetooth Rubiks Cube Using An Esp32 mp3

How To Hack A Smart Bluetooth Rubiks Cube Using An Esp32:

How to Hack a "Smart" Bluetooth Rubik's Cube using an ESP32

In this video tutorial, I'll explain how you can "hack" a smart bluetooth-enabled Rubik's Cube (as advertised by Giiker, Xiaomi, etc.)

Hacking Rubik's cube to control home appliances

In this video, a smart Giiker Rubik Cube is used which sends its current position data to ESP32. The Giiker Cube also sends the ...

How to Open a Door With a Rubik's Cube (Tutorial) | #shorts

How to Open a Door With a Rubik's Cube (Tutorial) | #shorts This is a *totally real* and big problem that I'm glad I could help with.

ESP32 Hacking mp3

Ive been pretty busy and haven't done a video in a while (a year?) but I'm getting back into the signaling end of this for various ...

Rubik's cube solving robot

As a high school graduation project I implemented a Rubik's cube solving algorithm in C++ and built a robot.

Bluetooth Controlled Arduino "Keyboard" Part 1 | Unscripted Coding

I'm not kidding when I say I am fascinated by the idea of Arduinos acting as keyboards and mice on computers. This time we use a ...

How to charge a mobile phone with a RUBIK'S CUBE!!!

Hi everyone! In this video, I will show you a very great and popular magic trick. Check this out! I hope you like it!

Xiaomi Smart Rubics mp3

Check out the rubrics cube that can control your appliances in the house its like the previous version of the magic cube.

Xiaomi Smart Rubik's Cube - Hands On ( Buy Link @ Video Description ) - w/ Bluetooth Solver App mp3

Xiaomi #RubikCube #SmartRubikCube Buy Link for Xiaomi Smart Rubik Cube:

Rubik's Connected Smart Cube Review

Here is my review of the Rubik's Connected Smart Cube. Overall the cube is great and pretty solid! Link to buy it from The Cubicle: ...