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Giving Pretty Girls My Credit Card:

Girl USES Mom's credit card to buy a APPLE PEN! What HAPPENS next is SHOCKING!!!

Grey wants a Apple Pen soooo bad! What she does next is shocking!

Texas Woman's Video Of Busting Credit Card Skimmer Goes Viral

A Texas woman's TikTok video of her busting a credit card skimmer at a 7-Eleven has gone viral. NBC News' Morgan Chesky ...

【Apple】Greedy SIL spends $30,000 on my credit card!? But it turns out it wasn't even my card...

I wonder if she'll even be able to survive after this... If you are in an environment where you can't listen to audio, no problem.

Shaquille O'Neal's Credit Card was Declined at Walmart

James asks Shaquille O'Neal how a man with his credit has his card declined at Walmart, and Shaq explains that a $70000 bill to ...