Everyone needs love in life and In love, a person makes a relationship. But it is very difficult to maintain these relationships.

Maybe falling in love or doing it is not as difficult a task as maintaining that love once you become one in love. The truth is that being together requires more than just showing trust, love, dedication, sacrifice, and understanding.

The feeling that he’s totally mine can impose on it feelings of monopoly, jealousy, fear of losing, etc. is a big mistake. A love that has fallen indifferent can be revived by improving its behavior.

Once together, this responsibility becomes even more serious. Everything that happens with you is in front of you. Every day there are hundreds of occasions when you weigh each other.

You are expecting from your partner that he will trust you completely and his behavior will be full of kindness in comparison to others.

There are many reasons for the breakup, today Today we will discuss these resons

1. Insecurities and Possessiveness

The reason for the breakup is that one person in the couple becomes very possessive about the other person. It produces anxiety about your relationship and your ability to handle certain situations.

The more possessive we are with our partner, the more he will want to run away from us. It is a psychological fact that as much as we care or give importance to someone, then the other person becomes a little careless.

If you get angry or fight over small things, then these things can break a good relationship. They often intrude on each other’s boundaries and disrespect each other’s inherent independence.

2. Change of Priorities

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A person’s priorities change with time, but your partner does not understand this. A person’s mind is very fickle and always in search of something new, something better, and does not give time to his relation, that is why a breakup happens.

After being in a relationship for a long time, it may be that your partner has to give time in career or studies or focus on job or family problems.

There are many such problems and reasons from which we do not give priority to our partner and this could be a reason for the breakup.

3. Personal Space

Everyone needs personal space in their life. Another reason for the breakup is that nowadays people do not give privacy to their partner and always want their partner to be involved in them.

The basis of a better and happy relationship is to take care of each other’s privacy. Every relationship has its own boundaries, due to which the boundaries of privacy are also different in every relationship.

Maintaining emotional connection and trust in each other is the hallmark of a successful and good relationship.

4. Hiding Things

Truth is the foundation of a relationship. Now they do not have much interest in talking to you as before, as well as they start hiding small everyday things from you.

There is no secret that no one will ever know, If we are hiding things from our partner or even if our partner is hiding things from us, the truth will not hide for long.

These small things only lead to a breakup in the future. Sometimes we feel that our partner will not understand, so we use to hide many small things from our partner. Later he finds out about things and feels bad.

5. Ego & Jealousy

There is hardly any escape from the feeling of jealousy. As long as this feeling inspires to do something better, then it is fine otherwise its result always turns out to be bad.

The feeling of possession increases greatly in those who are unable to control this feeling. They want to have a complete monopoly on the people they are associated with.

6. Lack of Trust

The relationship is the name of a partnership between two people, unless the people of both the parties trust each other and work with each other, they cannot be successful in this partnership.

When we feel that our relationship lacks trust, it is easy to leave each other. Even if we come to know something strange about our partner, we should first consult our partner and trust him.

7. Anger & Expectations

Nothing is worse than expectations. On a personal note, I believe that the biggest aspect of breaking any relationship is our expectations.

When our partner starts expecting too much from us, then get it that now the relationship is on the verge of breaking up.

When we are not able to give time to our partner, then there is anger and fighting and it can lead to a breakup.

8. Trying to Control Your Partner

If you try to keep your partner under your control, then she will leave you. One of the causes for the breakdown of relationships is that people interfere in every small and big decision of their partner.

Your partner may accept some things from you, but if you put too much pressure on him, then she will definitely break up. Give her a chance to live on her own terms, then this relationship can be sorted out.

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