To say that we live in a free country, as a country, we also show that there is no other one like us in this world with free minded, open minded, open hearted people. But when we look at the reality, the scene is different.

Yes! This is definitely harsh, but it is true. While today we are celebrating Independence Day but there is a lot of dependence in it.

Even after so many years of independence, we are not really free. We can seem free to say, listen, we can also create such an illusion to show our appreciation in front of people and get praise. but it’s not entirely true.

India is very much dependent on other countries. At the same time, the country is also lagging behind the evils prevailing in the country.

Today I will tell you some reasons why India has not become independent even today.

1. Health Sector

India is highly dependent on China in the matter of medicines. More than 67 percent of the total import of medicines comes from China. The government itself has acknowledged this dependence on China in terms of medicines. 

The country imports drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients ie APIs to make other medicines including some essential medicines. In corona time, India is heavily dependent on China for APIs and intermediates used in the production of medicines.

2. Weapons

India has not yet been able to develop the defense industry in the country. Because of this, India’s dependence on weapons remains on other countries only.

India is now the world’s largest importer of arms and defense equipment. Due to the inability to manufacture defense equipment in the country, the Indian Army has to depend on other countries for military equipment and weapons.

3. Energy

With its domestic production, India is able to meet only around 90 lakh liters of this requirement. India depends on Argentina, Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, and other South American countries for the remaining 1.40 or 15 billion liters of edible oil.

Indian Petroleum imports are based on domestic demand and supply of products. On a regular basis, it imports LPG, as required, from the Middle East. Sometimes, BPCL also imports products such as gasoline, kerosene, petrol, and base oil.

4. Technology

Technology in the hands of businessmen

It’s only because we think we are so backward in technology compared to other countries. India imports about 14% of its total imports from China.

Indian imports from China mainly consist of the following items; Electrical machinery, cell phones, heavy machinery, telecommunications equipment, power tools, plastic toys, pharma materials, etc.

Apart from this, the effect of coronavirus infection and lockdown is clearly visible on the products.

5. Poverty

There has been no census of the poor in the country after 2011. However, according to the United Nations estimates, there were about 360 million, 40 lakh poor in the country in 2019, which is 28 percent of the total population.

The number of poor people increased due to Corona will be added to these poor. On the other hand, lakhs of people living in urban areas have also come below the poverty line. Rural poverty is largely the result of low productivity and unemployment. 

6. Unemployment

According to government data, the unemployment rate in India is 6.5 percent in this month i.e. March 2021. The unemployment rate is 7.1 percent in urban areas and 6.2 percent in rural areas.

That is, the problem of unemployment is more in cities. In April last year, the highest unemployment rate was during the nationwide lockdown due to the Corona epidemic.

7. Dirty Politics

Indian politics has been reduced to the politics of the state, while its original tone has been associated, with the politics of changing the society.

From the time of freedom struggle, the politics of nation building was deeply related to the politics of society building.

The politics of Indian governance and development basically got transformed into the politics of power. The relation between Indian politics and social politics gradually broke down.

8. Caste And Religion

In times of crisis, the most belligerent and powerful face of an individual, society or country comes to the fore. At such times, great solidarity is formed and forgetting old differences, everyone fights together against adversity, but history is not so one-linear.

Many times, in times of crisis, the worst side of the individual, society and the country comes to the fore and during this the cracks which already exist widen. 

Even in the crisis of Coronavirus, Indian society and nation has shown its many colors. Certainly in the meantime countless stories of indomitable courage and service have been written and many on the front lines of the fight against this disease have even put their lives at stake. Many people have also lost their lives in this sequence.

9. Corruption

The country seems to be on the path of progress in all fields, but we bow our heads on corruption. The government changes, but cases of corruption keep coming to the fore.

Despite the directions of the Supreme Court and the efforts of the CBI, cases of corruption emerge at the highest level. Most of the culprits could not be punished due to lack of evidence.

Not getting punishment despite the provision of law in the constitution shows the failure to prevent corruption and weak will towards it.

10. Social Evils

There are many such problems in our country of India even today, which remain a hindrance in the development of India.

Some of the main ones are poverty, population, pollution, illiteracy, corruption, inequality, gender discrimination, terrorism, communalism, unemployment, regionalism, casteism, alcoholism, drug abuse, violence against women.

Due to these reasons, the country has not been completely free from evils even today.

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