There are many love stories around the world that made a lot of headlines, but the immortal love stories of history are such that they became immortal forever. When it comes to love, examples are given of these lovers and their love stories.

Let’s know about the immortal love stories of history. Here are 7 love stories that have become immortal in the pages of history

1- Heer and Ranjha

It is a very beautiful and real story of love that is still remembered today. Heer was a very beautiful woman born in a wealthy family in the city of Jhang in Punjab, Pakistan.

Ranjha used to take care of animals in Heer’s house. They both fell in love. Ranjha’s poverty became the enemy of his love. The family fixed Heer’s marriage with someone else, then both of them ran away and got caught.

The king allowed them to marry after testing their love. But Heer’s uncle poisoned her on their wedding day. After knowing this, Ranjha also consumed poison. The ending of this love story is very sad and incomplete. It’s a great love story.

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2- Laila and Majnu

This is also a good example of incomplete intense love. When Kais, the son of Arabpati Shah Amari, saw Laila, the daughter of the Shah of Najd, he fell in love at first sight. Kais’s love also affected Laila and both of them drowned in the ocean of love.

The result was that Laila was imprisoned in the house. In the separation of Laila, Kais became crazy. Seeing his passion, people gave him the name of ‘Majnu‘.

Madly in love with Majnu, Laila started calling Majnu-Majnu in the forests. When they both met, Laila’s mother separated them and took her home. Laila died in Majnun’s sorrow. Majnu also passed away after hearing the news of Laila’s death.

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3- Mirza and Sahiba

The story of Mirza Sahiba is very famous in Punjab. Mirza and Sahiba fell in love in their childhood. Both were so caught in each other’s love that there was neither day nor night. When Sahiba’s marriage was fixed with someone else, she wrote a letter to Mirza to run away together.

He refused to run away and climbed a hill then started to wait for Sahiba’s brothers. After Mirza slept, Sahiba broke and threw all his arrows. When Mirza woke up, he found his weapons missing.

He understood her heart through her eyes. Sahiba’s brothers put Mirza to death. Sahiba stood in front of Mirza to stop her brothers and was killed. Simultaneously, Mirza was also killed. Both lovers became immortal even after death

4- Salim and Anarkali

A movie was also made on Salim-Anarkali’s love named “Mughal-A-Azam”.Salim was the son of Emperor Akbar and Harka(Jodha) Bai. Anarkali was a royal dancer in Akbar’s court. After Seeing the dance of Anarkali in Akbar’s court, Prince Salim got arrested for his love.

And Anarkali also fell in love with him. They both started meeting secretly. When Akbar came to know about their love affair, Akbar became very angry. Akbar put forward two suggestions to Salim. Either he should leave Anarkali or else he should embrace death.

Salim also agrees to die for his love. However, even before this, Anarkali agrees to sacrifice her life for the love of Salim. After this Anarkali and Salim spend a night together.

After that, She was entombed alive in a brick wall right in front of her lover’s eyes. Anarkali herself died but immortalized her love and love story.

5- Sohni and Mahiwal

It is a love story that will be remembered for centuries. A potter had a daughter on the bank of river Chenab in Punjab named Sohni. Sohni was very beautiful. Izzat Beg was the son of a Mughal merchant which later came to be known as Mahiwal.

Mahiwal falls in love with Sohni after seeing her. He took up the job of grazing animals in his house. Mahiwal was also handsome. The meeting of both turned into love. Sohni used to come from one side to the other, sitting in an earthen pot.

When Sohni’s sister-in-law came to know, she changed the earthen pot. The raw pitcher broke and she drowned in the water. Seeing his beloved dead, Mahiwal also gave up his life. Those who are lost in love often do wonders.

6- Shirin and Farhad

Their love is still immortal in the pages of history. The daughter of the emperor of Armenia, Shirin was extremely beautiful. King of Persia, Khusro married her. Shirin wanted to build a canal.

Khusro called Farhad and introduced him to Shirin so that on his advice Farhad could dig the canal. On seeing Shirin, Farhad fell in love with her. He proposed to her but she rejected him.

When the king came to know, he said if he builds a road across the hills with his hard work, he will be married off to Shirin. Farhad’s love won Sheereen’s heart.

Meanwhile, seeing the road is about to complete, the king spread the false news of Shirin’s suicide. Farhad committed suicide after hearing this. When Shirin came to know about this he refused to return to the palace and died near Farhad.

7- Romeo and Juliet

The name of love should be taken and this loving couple is not talked about, it cannot happen. The story of Romeo and Juliet is set in Verona, Italy. Romeo and Juliet’s families had family enmity, but Romeo and Juliet, unaware of the family rivalry, gave heart to each other.

It is said that both of them got married without informing the families. On the other hand, Juliet is pressurized to marry someone else by her family.

To deceive the family, Juliet takes sleeping pills. The family considers her dead. Romeo also thinks that Juliet is dead and commits suicide. When Juliet wakes up and finds Romeo dead, she kills herself. This story is written by Shakespeare.

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