In 1980’s an American Scientist Dr. Will Wolvertan conducted an interesting experiments. He enclosed a couple of his houseplants in a gas chamber. His objective was to see if those plants could remove any pollutants from the air. So he basically introduced all kinds of pollutants in this chamber, one by one and measured the pollutant levals in the presence of the indoor plans.

In 1989, NASA used this report to come up with the list of air purifying indoor plants. This was followed by a large number of studies and finding a lot of indoor plants as effective air purifiers. This list is actually quite exhaustive. But today, Pagalworld going to briefly talk about 5 indoor plants that are not only air purifiers but also very stylish to decorate your home.

1. Z-Z Plant (Zamioculas Zamiifolia)

Number one on Pagalworld list is Z-Z Plant (Zamioculas Zamiifolia). The best part about this plant is that it requires no care at all. Just don’t water it, we often end up killing plants by over caring for them. Just water it once in 10 days or so or even in two weeks, it will be completely fine and also keep it away from direct sunlight.

The important point about this plant is that it can remove chemicals such as Toulene and Xylene. If you have never heard of these chemical names no need to bother. Just remember they are an end product of petroleum and their primary source is vehicular emission.

When NASA had actually released this list of plants they had also mentioned that to keep the indoor air clean there need to be at least one indoor plant per 100 sq. ft. Implying that if you have an average sized house of 800 – 1000 sq. feet, you would need at least 8-10 plants in your house of medium size.

2. Rubber Plant

Next plant in Pagalworld list is Rubber Plant. Actually there are two kinds of rubber plants common. This is a typical burgandy colour one and the second one is a varriegated kind. You can choose either one. For this plant you must keep the soil moist at all times. This doesn’t mean that you will keep it saturated with water just maintain moisture in the soil such that the soil should be sticky on your finger, this will help the plant grow faster. As it grows you might have to give it support like a stick.

This plant is great for adding some height. You can placed this plant in your living room. Also keep it away from the sun or the leaves will get burnt. It prefers medium to well lit spaces. The special thing about this one is its ability to remove pollutant like formaldehyde its a chemical found in and that is why it is present in our furniture. The problem with formaldehyde is that is can cause from short term problems like irritation to long term issues with immunity and blood.

3. Fiddle Leaf Fig

The third plant on our list is Fiddle Leaf Fig. This one is not only effiicient in removing chemicals but also effectively reduce humidity as well. Permanent humidity may cause fungal problems indoors, you can place this one in such rooms. Fungus or mould can also cause breathing issues so this plant can be of great help.

For its care keep it in a bright place, direct sun will also work for it. Just don’t keep it in a dark spot. It likes humid and warm spaces so keep it near a window.

4. Areca Palm

Now moving on to a fourth plant that is Areca Palm. Areca Palm is available in various sizes also doesn’t need a lot of light. You can find a huge Areca to even tiny ones in the market. You can keep this one on your study table where it will not get direct sun. notice that, keep Areca Palm away from direct sun.

People complain of it turning yellow, there could be two reasons for this. If only the leaf tips are turning yellow, it means there is a water related problem. It preferes its soil moist. If these stems and leaves are yellow then ensure that its away from direct sun. Direct sun also causes yellowing of Areca. So, if its turning yellow, take care of both these points.

Areca is great in removing two toxic pollutants, Benzene & formaldehyde. Benzene can also cause major problems such as short term irritation as well as long term problems. So Areca is super easy to grow and care.


5. Monstera Obliqua

The last plant in pagalworld list is, Monstera Obliqua. There are a lot of Monstera varieties. This one’s leaf are naturally cut. Its special thing is this one also removes formaldehyde effectively that comes from furniture. In Monstera, Soil layered with moss on top to keep it moist.

In summer you can water it ones in three days, also keep it in a well lit place but away from direct sun otherwise its leaves will be burnt. You can also grow this one like money plant from a cutting.

Apart from these plants, there are a lot of other great air purifying plants as well, such as snakes plant, spider plant, money plant.

If you like such simple scientific content then do comment and tell, Pagalworld will keep bringing you more such excellent scientific content, till then stay tuned to Pagalworld. I hope you liked it.

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