We all watch movies, but which movies we are watching, what we are taking from them, it is very important. Today Pagalworld is going to share with you five such Bollywood characters who will give you courage, who will inspire you.

You may have seen some of these movies and if you haven’t, then next time whenever you feel like watching movies, you can watch one of them. These characters will give you education as well as entertainment.

In this content, Pagalworld will not mention those movies or characters which are very common about which and you will be sure know. We will try to bring out the characters about whom you may not have heard and even if you have heard and seen it, then you may not have seen it from this point of view.

1. Iqbaal – 2005

Let’s talk about the first character, an 18-year-old boy from Andhra Pradesh who works in the fields with his father who is both dumb and also deaf. This boy’s dream is to play cricket for India. This character is from the movie “Iqbal” released in 2005. Shreyas Talpade played this character.

In a country where cricket is considered not only a game but a religion, where the batsman gets more importance than the bowler, Iqbal dreams of becoming a bowler in the same country. So now when he dreams, the people around him stop him, his father forbids him that why are you wasting your youth in this game.

But how he faces all the difficulties, how he presents the selection politics and becomes a part of the Indian cricket team on the strength of his talent. This is a very interesting story, a very funny journey of Iqbal.

This movie is for every person who has some dreams in his eyes. Every character says something. Iqbal’s character will teach you how to fight with the odds, make you grow on your own hard work and teach you how to get over people’s fears.

2. English Vinglish – 2012

Let’s talk about the next character Shashi Godbole who is a simple aged middle Indian housewives and business women. She does the business of selling laddus from her home. There is a simple family, a husband, two children, and a mother-in-law. Everything is great but her husband and their daughter keep making fun of her English.

Now for some reason, Shashi has to go to the USA. Now after reaching USE, Shashi dares to learn a new language. Now Shashi learns English, improves, and increases his confidence level, which his relatives and his family members are surprised to see.

Sridevi played the character of Shashi Godbole. The name of this movie is English Vinglish. If you feel that your confidence level is too slow, then this character will inspire you. If you want to learn something new, then this character will inspire you that how she dares at this age, works on her confidence, and learns a new thing.

3. Saaransh – 1984


Now we will talk about such a great character whose name is Anupam Khair. The name of this movie is “Saaransh“. This was Anupam Khair’s first film and in this film, he played the role of an old man at the age of 29. It was released in 1984. The character played by Anupam Khair in this movie is named B.V Pradhan.

In this film, he and his wife rent a room in their house to a girl after the death of their son. The girl becomes pregnant and her boyfriend leaves her. Her boyfriend’s father is a politician who puts a lot of pressure that the daughter should be killed and her future child should also be killed.

Now, how Anupam Khair helps that daughter, how he and his wife take care of that girl, how to fight with that politician, how to fight with that system, and how to stand up for truth. all these scenes have shown in a very wonderful way in this movie.

Anupam Khair has a very inspiring character and Anupam Khair also got the Best Actor Award for this character and this movie also went to the Oscars. This movie will tell you the power of truth because in this world anything can be abandoned for truth but truth cannot be abandoned for anything.

4. Queen – 2013

Moving on to the next character. What will happen to you if your future husband breaks up with you a day before the wedding? You will cry, you will suffocate inside, you will get angry, your mind will be disturbed, but will you go on your honeymoon alone. We are talking about Rani Mehra, a character from the movie queen. The character of Rani Mehra was played by Kagna Ranaut.

Rani is a shy girl from Delhi, but instead of celebrating the pain of breaking her marriage, she goes alone to the already booked honeymoon in Paris. Going there, she understands life why it is important to be happy. Rani understands that how the control of her own life should be in her own hands. Others have no right to decide your sorrow and happiness, others have no right to tell you how to live.

The queen goes there and tries new things, the queen brings back the control of her life in her hands. This character will inspire you that this is your life, you have to live, you have to decide that your happiness should be in your hands and not anyone else’s.

5. A Wednesday! – 2008

The name of the next character is Common Man. This character is from 2008‘s master class movie A Wednesday in which Naseeruddin Shah gave very good performances. This is the inspiration for a common man. Whoever feels that the common man has no power, this movie will inspire him.

This character tells that what can a common man do when he explodes. Common, with very simple impressed dialogues, Naseeruddin Shah has told about the common man’s suffering. And it has also been told that a common man is silent due to his compulsions and employment, but if he is determined, then he can shake the biggest system.

This character tells about how much power a person has. You take history and see, most of the revolutions, most of the changes have been brought by only one man.

So stop feeling sorry for yourself, leave the excuse that I am a common man and cannot do anything. You have that ability in you that you can change yourself, your life and if you want, you can change yourself and the whole world.

So friends, I sincerely hope that you Iqbal, Shashi Godbole, BV Pradhan, Rani Mahara, and common man, you will be able to learn from all these how to fight for your dreams, there is no age to learn, in any case, the truth Stand with yourself, it is important to love yourself, and a single man can do anything on the strength of his power.

Friends, there is no age, no stage, and no time to learn. Anytime anything can be learned from anyone, can be learned from a child can also be learned from an old man, can be learned from life can also be learned from nature and can also be learned from movies.

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