Hello friends, today Pagalworld is going to tell you how you can make many great recipes in very less time and with very few ingredients, which will increase the taste of your daily food twice.

Sometimes it happens that it takes a lot of time to order food and food outside is not good for health either, in such a situation, you can sit at home and make very awesome recipes in a few minutes. Your family and your friends will like this recipe very much and it will be good for health too.

We tell you some amazing recipes like Beef Pho, Crispy French fries, 3-minute chocolate cake, Sandwich, Chili potato, all of which are quick and easy to make.

1. Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls

So we will talk about Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls. To make this, we need some oil, onion, tomato, potato, carrot, green chili, ginger, a little turmeric, chili, and salt according to taste, cook all these ingredients on a low flame. After this, take a bowl of flour and add water to it and cook it in a frypan on a low flame. After this, fill the contents of cooked potatoes in this learned dough. So here is the recipe of your best Spring Rolls.

2. Aloo patties recipe

This recipe is prepared in just 10 minutes and is very tasty to eat. To make this, first we will take flour, after that we will take all purpose flour, now put salt in it. Now add some oil to it, now mix it well. Now heat oil in a pan and put small ingredients in it and fry it well. Mix potatoes and peas in it and grind them well. Now fill it in a kneaded dough and fry it well in a pan. This is how your favorite Aloo patties recipe is ready.

3. Veg Momos Recipe

Nowadays there is no one who does not like momos. This is such a recipe that everyone likes to eat and it is ready in a few minutes, so let’s see what we need to make it.

To make momos, first of all we need flour, add a little salt to it and add a little oil, now mix it well and then knead the flour well. Now to make the stuffing, put oil in a frying pan and fry it well. Now add cabbage and carrot to it and fry it on low flame.

After all this take a steamer and boil some water in it. Now make small balls of kneaded flour and stuff it with ingredients. Now steam these momos in a steamer. And thus momos will be ready.

4. Chili potato Recipe

We will need some potatoes to make Chilli Potatoes. Now wash these potatoes well and cut them into thin and long pieces. Now add two spoons of corn flour to it. Now add salt and mix them well.
Now heat some oil in a pan and cook these chopped potatoes well in it. When it is fried well, then take it out in a bowl. After this, prepare a mixture of corn flour flour in a bowl. Now put the sauce with the stuffing material in a pan and fry it well and after that add the fried potatoes in it. Enjoy this way prepared Chilli Potato with sauce.

5. Dhokla Recipe

To prepare Dhokla, you need some gram flour, sieve this gram flour well. Now add some baking soda as well as some salt in it and add some turmeric and chilli to it and add a spoonful of sugar. Now mix all these things well and make a solution with water. Now take a caketain and apply some ghee in it so that the dhokla does not stick to the caketain. Now put a butter paper in it.

Now take two to three cups of water in a pan, now put a stand in it so that the caketain can be easily kept in the pan. Now cover it and let it heat up for 3 to 4 minutes. Now mix some eno in the batter of gram flour. Now keep this mixture in a caketain and let it cook in a hot pan for at least 15 minutes. Now put this cooked dhokla in a tadkapen and fry it well. And thus Dhokla is ready.

So here are the 5 easiest and most effective recipes to be prepared in time, which are also very tasty to eat. Hope you will definitely like this recipe. If you want more recipe like this then stay tuned with pagalworld. So what’s the delay, make this delicious recipe at home today. Pagalworld will keep bringing you more such great content.

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