Ramayana is one of the greatest tales of ancient India which narrates the story of the victory of good over evil. Every character of Ramayana has a deep meaning. Let us know about the ten most powerful great warriors of Ramayana.

10. Meghanada –

Meghnath was a powerful son of Ravana. Meghnath was the only warrior who had the weapons of all the three gods i.e. Brahmastra of Brahma Deva, Vaishnavanastra of Vishnu, and Pushpastra of Shiva.

Meghnath mastered the art of warfare from his guru Shukracharya and received all kinds of goddess weapons. Meghnath was named Indrajit by Brahmadev. Because he conquered heaven by defeating Indradev.

Meghnath’s strategy was quite different. He used to make himself invisible by deceit before every war, due to which he was Ajay in the war. Even in Ramayana, Meghnath was the only warrior who defeated Shri Ram and Lakshmana. Lakshman was also able to defeat Meghnath only when he came out of his deceit.

09. Atikaya

Atikaya was the younger brother of Meghnath, the second son of Ravana. Atikaya was the most powerful warrior of Lanka after Ravana and Meghnath.

Once Atikaya enraged Lord Shiva on Mount Kailash due to which he threw his trident at Atikaya. But Atikaya, holding Shiva’s trident in the middle of the air, stood in front of Shiva with folded hands with respect.

Shiva was so pleased with Atikaya that he gave Atikaya the secret knowledge of bows and divine weapons. He along with his brother Meghnath helped his father to conquer all the three worlds. Atikaya was a very powerful warrior but Lakshmana ended him with Brahmastra.

08. Vali

Vali was the monkey son of Lord Indra and also the king of all the monkeys. It is said that Vali had the power of 70,000 elephants. Moreover, Vali had got a boon from Brahma that whoever fights with Vali will lose half his power.

Vali was so powerful that once he even defeated Ravana in battle. But Vali was defeated by Shri Ram only. During the war with his brother Sugriva of Vali, Shri Ram killed Vali by shooting an arrow and then made Sugriva the king of the monkeys.

07. Sugriva

Sugriva was the monkey son of the sun god. After defeating Vali with the help of Shri Ram, he became the king of the monkeys and then the commander of the monkey army of Shri Ram.

Sugriva was one of the most powerful warriors of Sri Rama’s army. Who defeated many warriors of Ravana’s army such as Kumbh, Nikumbha, Pragas, Mahodara, and Virupaksha.

06. Kumbhakaran 

Ravana’s younger brother Kumbhakarna was a great warrior. Who was said to be as powerful as Indra Dev in the war. In the battle of Ramayana, Kumbhkaran defeated Sugriva and he was very heavy also on Hanuman.

Kumbhakaran was slept for 6 months and was awake for 6 months. The stature of Kumbhakarna was huge. At the end of the war, Kumbhakaran was killed by Shri Ram.

05. Angad

Angad was the son of Vali and the crown prince of the monkeys. Angad had defeated many powerful warriors of Ravana such as Narantaka, Kampanna, and also Mahaprisava, the commander of Ravana. It was Angad and his mother who asked Sugriva to help Shri Ram find Sita.

04. Lakshman

Lakshman Shri Ram’s brother was accompanied by his friends and companions who supported him completely from his 14 years of exile to the war of Ramayana.

Lakshmana is actually the incarnation of Sheshnag on which Vishnu rests. He was a skilled warrior who defeated the biggest warriors of Ravana’s army. Even Ravana’s son Meghnath was killed by Lakshmana. Like Shri Ram and Hanuman, many divine weapons had no effect on Lakshman.

03. Hanuman 

Pawanputra Hanuman is the incarnation of Shiva who is very powerful. Hanuman is one of the most powerful warriors of Ramayana and also the biggest devotee of Shri Ram.

It is not impossible for Hanuman to do anything, whether it is to find Sita by breaking the sea or to set fire to Ravana’s entire Lanka. Hanuman was the most skilled in wielding the mace. There is no such divine weapon that can harm Hanuman ji.

Hanuman ji played an important role in getting Shri Ram to victory in the war of Ramayana. To save the life of Lakshman, brother of Shri Ram, Hanuman ji had brought the entire Sanjeevani mountain.

Hanuman defeated many powerful warriors of Ravana such as Agniketu, Divantaka, Ahiravan, Mahiravana, and Akampana.

02. Ravan 

Lankapati Ravana, the eldest son of sage Vishrava, was the king of Lanka as well as the emperor of all the three worlds. Ravana was one of the most skilled and powerful warriors who defeated Yamdev and Death.

Ravana defeated his brother Kuber, the god of wealth and took his Pushpakaviman. Ravana was so powerful that he had once lifted the entire Kailash mountain to bring Lord Shiva to Lanka.

Ravana had such an elixir which he kept in his navel, due to which he was immortal and ajar. No one could defeat Ravana in battle.

Shri Ram had fired Brahmastra on Ravana’s navel in the war, due to which Ravana’s nectar dried up, after which Ravana died.

01. Shri Ram

Shri Ram is the seventh incarnation of Vishnu and also the hero of the saga of Ramayana. Lord Rama was the son of King Dasharatha, to whom Rishi Vishwamitra taught martial arts and also gave knowledge of many divine weapons.

The bow of Shri Ram i.e. Sharang Dhanush was the most powerful bow. In the Ramayana war, Shri Ram defeated 14000 demon armies including the demon brothers Khara and Dushant in an hour. Rama ended the war of Ramayana by killing Ravana with Brahmastra.




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