Friends, the quality of anything nowadays is recognized by its brand name. Because the better the brand, the better the goods will probably be. However, brands also take years to win the trust of the people and then they are able to dominate the minds of the people.

So in today’s content we are going to talk about world famous and top 10 brands whose valuation is highest in today’s time. And perhaps we also use these brands the most. So let’s know which are those ten valuable brands.

01. Apple

The company which is famous all over the world at number one in Most Valuable Brand list is Apple company. Actually, we get to know the brand value of Apple only when we start judging it by looking at Apple’s phone in someone’s hand.

We all know that today the brand of Apple has reached the point where the person who takes its products in hand becomes himself and himself high class. A multinational company like Apple was started in 1976 by Steve Job & Wozniak.

Apple’s popularity is so high in today’s time that even the owners of their competitor companies use Apple’s phones and laptops. This is the reason why Apple’s brand value has reached 205.5 billion dollars in today’s time.

02. Google

The brand that comes second in the list of valuable brands in the list of Pagalworld is used by every internet user in today’s time, whose name is Google.

Who would not know this wonderful company, which has made its hold from internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, advertising to computer software and computer hardware.

Even the platform on which you are reading this content also belongs to Google. For this reason, it is the largest Internet company and holds the second highest brand value with $167.7 billion.

03. Microsoft

The number three in the Most Valuable List is Microsoft. The world’s number one software development company Microsoft was started in 1975 by Bill Gates & Paul Allen. And at this time he are also the chairman of Satya Nadella’s company in India. Its brand value is 125.3 billion dollars.

04. Amazon

Amazon is the most valuable brand at number 4 in the list of Pagalworld. The brand value of Amazon is $97 billion. Jeff Bezos has founder of the Amazon company.

In fact, the owner of this company, which gives complete online experience to its customers from e-commerce to Amazon Kindle, is not only the richest person in the world, but at the same time Amazon is so famous all over the world that it is number four in the most valuable brand list.

05. Facebook

If we talk about the 5th most valuable brand, then it is Facebook. Actually, this application remains in the mobile of every smart phone user. People spend hours on this online platform.

It has been only a few years since Facebook was launched, but still it has included its name in the list of Most Valuable Company. The top most social media applications like WhatsApp and Instagram also come under Facebook. And this app is contributing even more to the Facebook company in terms of revenue.

Facebook has become the fifth most valuable brand today with a brand value of $88.9 billion to Facebook.

06. Coca Cola

The brand which is famous all over the world at number six is ​​Coca Cola. John Smith Pemberton had laid the foundation of this company and then he used to make this drink as a medicine.

After making this soft drink from medicine, this company created such a panic with its taste and flavour that till date it is the most liked cola brand. The brand value of this company is currently 59.2 billion dollars.

07. Samsung

South Korean Samsung Company is at number seven in the list of Most Valuable Brands. Who would not know this company today, started in 1938 by a corean named Lee Buyng Chung.

Spread across many sectors like Electronics, Engineering, Information Technology, Corporation, Life Insurance, and Security, this company has made its mark all over the world. This is the reason why it is the world’s most valuable brand with a brand value of $53.1 billion.

08. The Walt Disney Company

If we talk about the number eight brand in our list today, then it is The Walt Disney Company. Actually Walt Disney & Roy O. Disney started this wonderful company together in 1923. And then shortly after the beginning, the name of The Walt Disney Company became famous all over the world on the basis of great creativity.

This company is spread in many sectors like media, television, broadcast, parks and video games. Its brand value is also 52.2 billion dollars.

09. Toyota Motors

Toyota Motors is the highest value brand at number 9 in the list of Pagalworld. Although you will get to see many car brands around the world, but the car brands that have made their place in the top 10 valuable brands of Forbes is none other than the Japanese company Toyota Motors.

This company was established on 28 August 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. Automobiles, luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles and engines are manufactured inside this company.

If we talk about the brand value of this company, then it is the 9th valuable brand in the world with 44.6 billion dollars.

10. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is ranked number 10 among the most valuable brands. You all must have eaten McDonald’s burgers once, which is not only available at a reasonable rate, but its taste is also very much liked by the people. And for this reason, this brand is counted among the brands with the highest value.

It was started on 15 May 1940 by two brothers named Richard and Maurice McDonald. And in terms of revenue also, it is the world’s largest restaurant Cham, which serves food to 79 million people every day in about 100 countries.

If we talk about the brand value of McDonald’s then it is 43.8 billion dollars.

So friends, this was the list of companies having the highest brand value. Pagalworld will keep bringing you more such interesting information. Thanks for being reading from start to end.


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