Turning diamond into metal | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMany famous diamonds have a long and intriguing history that is often centuries old. Of the millions of carats that people find every year, a few of them are really special.

Some of the diamonds are so rare that they are only found once every 100 years.

The most expensive diamonds are not always the biggest stones. The price of a diamond depends on the factors purity, color, and place of origin.

Some of the most prized and famous diamonds are as follows

1. The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

Photos: Rare 'Oppenheimer Blue' Diamond Sells for Record Price—$57.6 Million

This diamond, which holds the record for being the world’s most expensive diamond, is 14.62 carats. This largest blue diamond in the world is known as ‘The Oppenheimer Blue’.

The diamond is named after its former owner, Philip Oppenheimer, whose family owns the diamond trading company De Beers.

The sale of this expensive diamond has been done by Christie, the world’s most famous organization related to the auction.

According to Christie, this diamond is the highest bid for any jewelry in history ever. This diamond has been sold by Christie’s to a private collector here.

2. The Heart Of Eternity

The Heart of Eternity Diamond: Value, Size, Images & History | Worthy

The Heart of Eternity is Fancy Vivid Blue. With a weight of 27.64 carats, the Heart of Eternity Diamond is valued at roughly 16 million dollars.

While the original owner of the Heart of Eternity Blue Diamond was De Beers, this beautiful heart-cut, fancy vivid blue diamond is now under the new ownership of Sayyid Qadri.

The Heart of Eternity was initially part of a massive 777 carat rough that was purchased by the De Beers Group for an undisclosed price during an open market in Zaire.

3. The Moussaieff Red Diamond

The Heart of Eternity | The Value 💎 Digital World

The Moussaieff Red Diamond is a diamond measuring 5.11 carats with a triangular brilliant cut, rated in color as Fancy Red by the Gemological Institute of America.

While this may seem relatively small when compared to other famous diamonds, the Moussaieff Red is, in fact, the largest Fancy Red the GIA reports having rated.

The Moussaieff Red is reported to have been found by a Brazilian farmer in the Abaetezinho river in 1990, in a region known as Alto Paranaiba which has a reputation as a source of large and fancy-colored diamonds.

In the rough, it is believed to have weighed  2.78 g. The diamond was purchased and cut by the William Goldberg Diamond Corp.

4. The Perfect Pink

A brief history of blockbuster diamonds | Christie's | Most expensive jewelry, Pink diamond, Pink diamond wedding rings

This rare and very attractive purple-pink diamond named The Sakura was auctioned in Hong Kong. The Sakura weighs 15.81 carats, which is the highest among purple-pink diamonds.

According to the report of CNN, which is the highest among purple-pink diamonds. According to the report of CNN, this diamond is also special because it is the biggest purple-pink diamond ever.

5. The Wittelsbach Diamond



The 45.42 carat Hope Diamond (L) and the 31.06 carat Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond are shown in this combination photograph on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, January 29,

It’s not just a remarkable gemstone because of its size, flawless clarity, or stunning color, either. The 31.06-carat blue diamond boasts an ultra-rare blue hue, making it the chief rival of the legendary Hope diamond.

Both blue diamonds were unearthed in India, but the Wittelsbach Diamond’s journey is an extra special one

6. The Pink Star 


Pink Star' Diamond Sells For $71 Million, Smashing Auction Record : The Two-Way : NPR

The Pink Star Diamond is a fairly new diamond that is quite famous for its beauty and preciousness. It has an internally flawless clarity grade and was laved as fancy vivid pink with the highest color grade.

The owner entrusted the diamond to Sotheby’s as to be sold at the November 13, 2013 auction. Pink Star Diamond is a natural colored 59.60-carat Pink diamond. It is one of the greatest treasures in the world. 

7. The Koh-i-Noor

Koh-i-Noor - Wikipedia

Every precious thing is compared to the Kohinoor diamond. But the surprising thing is that it has never been priced. Kohinoor is the most famous diamond in the world. 

It was once considered the biggest diamond in the world.  Originally it was 793 carats. Now it is reduced to 105.6 carats, whose weight is 21.6 grams.

The Kohinoor diamond has not been sold even once in its entire history, it was either won by one king from another king or given as a reward.

8. The Centenary Diamond

5th Most Expensive Diamond: Beers Centenary - Royal Coster Diamonds

This Precious Diamond was discovered on 17 July 1986. Its original stone was 599 carats. De Beers Centenary Diamond is a 273,85-carat diamond. 

This is the third biggest diamond that was found in the Premier Mine. This mine belongs to the firm De Beers. 

This is a very pure and rare diamond. Every year, only a couple of diamonds with this purity are found.

9. The Hope Diamond

10 Victims of the Hope Diamond Curse | Mental Floss

Blue Diamond is also known as The Hope Diamond. Blue diamond accounts for only 0.02 percent of the total diamonds discovered so far, but it is among the most famous diamonds in the world.

Today we will talk about Hope Diamond which was cursed by Hindu Gods. Hope Diamond, such a cursed diamond, whoever found this diamond, always bad things happen to him.

The diamond was beautiful and rare too. The US government kept The Blue Hope Diamond in the museum.

10. The Cullinan 1

The Cullinan Diamond: Value, History & Images | Worthy.com

The Cullinan diamond was 3,106.75 carats. The popularity of the Cullinan diamond is increasing as people slowly learn about it.

On January 25, 1905, at the Premier Mine in Pretoria, South Africa, this is discovered during a routine inspection by the mine’s superintendent.

Weighing 1.33 pounds, and christened the “Cullinan,” it was the biggest diamond ever found.











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