Many things have been written in Hindu scriptures(शास्त्र), that are very important and useful. In these scriptures, only two people have been talked about. The first one is God and the other one is Demon.

The god who have tried to make everything better and the demons who have tried to destroy everything.

The demons were earlier called ‘Raksha“. The meaning of ‘Raksha’, one who protects society. The demonic people were first appointed to protect, but later due to their changing tendencies and Due to their evil deeds, they became infamous and in today’s context, they are considered like Asuras and Demons.

Today, we will tell you, about some of those demons in this article.

1. Meghanada

Meghnad is also called Indrajit because he invaded the heavens and captured it. Meghnad was very powerful and elusive. Meghnad was the most mighty among the sons of Ravana.

Meghnad had performed ‘Sapta Yagya‘ in his youth with the help of Shukracharya, the guru of the demons, and with the blessings of Shiva had attained the divine chariot, Divyastra, and Tamsi Maya. He was killed by Lakshman, brother of Lord Rama.

2. Ravana

Ravana was a skilled politician, general, and scholar of architecture, also proficient in every science. Due to his attachment to the demons, he was declared the chief of the demons. Ravana united the demon race by re-establishing Lanka and established the demon kingdom.

He snatched Lanka and also his chariot from Kubera. He was called elusive because he knew magic, tantra, hypnosis, and various types of magic. He had a plane that no one else had. Because of all this everyone was afraid of him.

Ravana abducted Rama’s wife Sita and insulted Shiva. Despite being a scholar, Ravana was cruel, arrogant, and tyrannical.

3. Vritra

Vritra is a snake type dragon who was always against Indra. He was trying to keep the water of the whole world, with him and became mesmerized in it. Even the gods had to face a lot of troubles to put an end to them. The works of these gods were becoming very painful for the people of the earth. he was killed by Indra.

4. Jalandhar

A child was born from the sea due to the anger of Shiva. The boy started crying very loudly. The whole world was deafened by the sound of his crying. The sea took care of him. Later on, Jalandhar became the ruler of the demons.

Jalandhar was very proud. He felt that no one could conquer him. Jalandhar made many mistakes in his whole life. But his biggest mistake, was to disregard Vrinda’s virtuous religion. He started persecuting the wives of the gods. Lord Shiva killed Jalandhar.

5. Hiranyaksha

The demon Hiranyaksha was very powerful. Because of that, earth drowned in Hades and Lord Vishnu had to take the Varaha avatar to lift the earth out of the water.

In this incarnation, he worked tirelessly to remove water from the earth. There was turmoil on the earth also  Hiranyaksha used to disturb him again and again in this work, so in the end, Shri Vishnu killed Hiranyaksha.

6. Durgamasur

Rambhasura‘s son was Mahishasura, who was very powerful. Brahmaji had given him a boon that no god or demon can conquer him. Mahishasura later started persecuting the deities of heaven and started creating disturbances on earth too.

He made a sudden attack on heaven once and defeated Indra and took control of heaven. He spread so much tyranny that Goddess Bhagwati had to take birth. She killed him. And this form of her was called ‘Mahishasur Mardini’.

7. Hiranyakashyap

No one could kill Hiranyakashipu, because he got this boon by doing hard penance to please Brahma. Because of this, he started atrocities on the earth.

He used to ask people to leave the worship of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva and worship themselves. He would kill those who did not do so. To kill Hiranyakashipu, Lord Vishnu had to take the incarnation of Narasimha.

8. Rakt Beej

Raktabeej was such a demon, who had a boon that whenever a drop of his blood falls on this earth, then a new Raktabeej will be born, from every drop.

New Born Rakt  Beej will be similar to the main Raktabeej in strength, body, and form. The defeated Devtas came to Maa Durga, seeking help. Maa Durga then took the form of Maa Kali in her most fierce form and killed him.

9. Tarakasura

He was also a Mahabali demon. He had obtained a boon from Brahma Ji that he would be killed only by the son of Lord Shiva.  At that time Shiva was absorbed in Mahasamadhi in the separation of Sati. Later Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, and the commander of the gods killed Tarakasur.

10. Madhu Kaitabh

Madhu Kaitabh were two powerful and evil demons. Both the mighty demons Madhu and Kaitabh fought with Lord Vishnu continuously for five thousand years. Thereupon Lord Vishnu got angry and he killed Madhu, but Kaitabh escaped from there.

Gradually, the atrocities of Ketabh, went on increasing and there was a ruckus in world. Disturbed by Ketabha’s atrocities, the deities created a figure with their powers who appeared in the form of Maa Durga, and the demon Kaitabha was slain by her.



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