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Fruits are very beneficial for our health and we can find every kind of fruit because fruits are cheap and expensive too, if we cannot eat expensive ones then every person can eat cheap and eating fruits is also necessary for our health.

The fruits that we are telling you today are the most expensive fruits in the world, some of them are such that they are in our country but they are not so expensive but the fruits that we are telling you, these fruits are so expensive because of their specialties.

They are either so expensive because of the color of their design or the taste. These fruits are written below

1. Budhha-Shaped Pears

Pay $8 for a Buddha-shaped pear foolish or fun? Your age may predict your answer

As the name suggests. This pear is shaped like a Buddha. The cost of a Buddha Shaped Pears ranges from Rs.600 to Rs.700. It is mainly grown in China.

Due to this specialty, these pears have become a topic of discussion all over the Asian continent. People are surprised to see it for the first time whether they can be eaten or not.

Gao worked hard for 6 years to grow such wonderful pears on his farm.

2. Sekai-Ichi Apples

World's Most Expensive Fruits

There are 7500 varieties of apples found all over the world. The world’s most expensive and largest apple. It is about 15 inches.

At the same time, its weight is up to 1 kilogram. The price of a Sekai Ichi Apple ranges from 1.5 to 2 thousand rupees. Its taste is sweet and slightly pungent.

3. Dekopon Citrus

Dekopon Citrus Fruit Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock

This simple-looking orange, which is actually called the Decapone Citrus, is said to be the world’s sweetest orange.

And they’re not tiny, they’re the size of a softball. Friends, the price of 6 pieces is about 6045 rupees. Its taste is sour-sweet, while it does not contain seeds at all.

4. Sembikiya Queen Strawberries

10 Most Expensive Asian Fruits | Asian InspirationsThese Strawberries is expensive though because it comes from different brands and in our markets also it is found expensive in packets because its preparation cost is very high.

It takes a lot of time to prepare it but Sembikiya Queen Strawberry is very special because there is no brand of these strawberries and they are naturally so red that they also have green leaves on them

This strawberry is prepared differently and it can be stored for several days but some Strawberry stores can’t be kept.

That’s why the price of these strawberries is so high, this strawberry comes in a pack of about 12 and the price of that packet is $ 85.

5. Square Watermelons


Although all watermelons are round but have you thought that watermelons can also be square. This watermelon is only used for decoration and it is very tasty to eat.

Square watermelon is a watermelon prepared by the best technology of Japan, which is absolutely flat and found only in Japan. Japan first Didn’t export from outside, loves only in its own country.

Now Japan has started exporting it to foreign countries, The cost of a watermelon is $800 dollars.

6. Pineapples Pit

The Flesh-Eating Pineapple – Scientific Scribbles

You must have eaten a lot because Pineapple is easily available in our markets and is not too expensive because it is our lot, it is available almost every season.

Heligan Garden is in England and is located in Europe And Pineapple is very hard to find in Europe but Heligan Garden is a place where Pineapple is found and it becomes a very special Pineapple.

These pineapples are very rare and expensive because they need that different environment for which it costs a lot.

This pineapple is completely yellow in color and the cost of one pineapple is $ 1600.

7. Taiyo-No-Tamago Mangoes

Miyazaki: This mango variety being grown in MP could cost you Rs 2.7 lakh per kilogram - India News

Friends, these mangoes grow only in Japan, the price of these mangoes is not that expensive, because of where these mangoes are cultivated.

The farmers take care of each and every mango, the farmers do not pluck that mango until the mango is full by itself. Do not fall off after ripening, friends, this mango looks like an egg.

And It is very tasty to eat, friends, the special thing is that these mangoes are considered as a luxurious gift in Japan, now Talking about its price, friends, a pair of these mangoes was auctioned for about Rs 226702.50, which is very strange.

8. Ruby Roman Grapes

Ruby Roman' Grapes Sell For Rs 35,000 Per Piece

Ruby Roman grape is found only in Japan and it is the most expensive grape in the world because in a bunch of Ishq grapes all the grapes will be of the same size.

This grape is black in color and the grapes are only in one season. It is prepared and stored throughout the year.

This grape is also called table grapes. The cost of a bunch of this grape is 2,71,259.80 rupees and almost the world’s most expensive fruit in Japan only. See you because there is so much technology in Japan.

9. Densuke  Watermelon

Premium Densuke watermelon fetches less than €1,820 at Japan auction | News | DW | 15.06.2020

Densuke melon is grown in Japan and this watermelon is so big this one watermelon is about 24 pounds and it is not a common melon that is found in our markets.

This is a different type of watermelon grown by Japanese technology which is very It is delicious and full of water, this watermelon does not spoil for many days.

And can also be made a year of course. The price of this watermelon is 6100 US dollars and if you want to eat this watermelon So it can only be eaten in Japan.

10. Yubaki King Melon

Premium melons sold for £21,500 in Japan | The Independent | The Independent

Although we eat a lot of melons because it is grown a lot in our farms and farms and they are available cheaply but have you thought that the cost of melon can also be unbelievable.

Yes, it is true Yubari melon Which is grown in Japan, it is probably the most expensive fruit in the world and the world’s most expensive cantaloupe.

This melon looks like a common melon but is very tasty and absolutely delicious to eat. The cost of melon is $ 11500 US dollars.


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