Friendship is one of the greatest gifts in our life. Friends are people with whom we spend a significant amount of time. But why do we find ourselves drained after spending time with some of them?

Shouldn’t people friends be happy to be with? Truth to be told the people we choose to spend time with effect the quality of our happiness and well-being. And we are putting our happiness at stake if we are surrounded by people who are toxic.

Fret not, before considering who to be removed from your friend list, let’s try to identify them.

1. Friends Who Only Point Out Your Flaws –

Why are you such a loser? Have you put on weight again? Why is your partner always not around? I think you look fat in this dress. You need more practice on your cooking. Staying around these friends can be really frustrating. Although they may say they are being frank.

The fact is they are bringing so much negativity into our life. Imagining you spent much effort cooking their favorite food. And all they did are pointing out your flaws and saying no praises at all.

Every one of us has our own strengths that are wart being reminded of. We deserve friends who see the good in us.

2. Friends Who Always Victimized Themselves

Victims are tough to identify at the beginning because we initially emphasize with their problems. But eventually, we realize that they always see themselves as the victim in every circumstance.

They often attribute their misfortunes to everyone around them, and do not reflect upon themselves. They never think that they could salvage their situation and always turn to you for help.

According to Haruki Murakami – ” Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”. Staying around them makes us feel helpless too.

3. Friends Who Are Not Happy For Your Achievements 

These people always have a way of making you feel bad even if you have achieved your goal. They may say they support you, but they are often consumed by envy.

When you get a position in your desired big company, they may start saying bad things about the company. When you finally lost 10kg after exercising for 3 months, they say you will not maintain it.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with your decision. The haters are going to hate everything you do. They may be jealous of your achievements, and hence try to make things difficult for you.

Do not let the haters minimize your accomplishments. Genuine friends are happy for your achievements.

4. Friends Who are Not Narcissistic

Narcissist can be extremely difficult to identify, as they are very good at manipulating others. They often portray a good image of themselves. But in fact, they are always too self-centered.

They care more for their emotions and feelings, without caring too much for others. They are also very sensitive to negative feedback and require a lot of approval from others.

Being around a narcissist may cause us to lose our true self, as they always have high expectation of us. They express their disappointment if we are not good enough according to their standard.

Although narcissist may be giving in a relationship, they expect others to give more. They may show their unhappiness when you are not treating them the way they want to be treated.

5. Friends Who Continue To Flirt With You When Either OF You Are in a Relationship

Yes, flirting can be fun and makes us feel good about ourselves. There is nothing wrong with the playful bantering with our friends of opposite gender. But flirting often begins innocently, and it progresses unknowingly, blurring the line between harmless fun and inappropriate behavior.

Here are some signs that you shall start staying away from them. If you find yourself overly looking forward to the playful flirtations with the person, it is a sign that more is developing.

Or are you trying to keep your flirtatious exchange a secret? When you are uncomfortable telling others about your flirting probably you have crossed the line. It’s time to reevaluate your friendship.

Continue being around them will jeopardized either of your relationship. And eventually, troubles are going to find its way to you.

Have you identified a few of your toxic friends after reading this content? Share with pagalworld how you feel about them. Let us know too if there are other toxic friends that we have yet to mention.



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