Someone said that – “To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, to be late is to be forgotten.”

If we can start everything 10minutes earlier, you will find a profound change in your life. I am sure many of us here will agree and resonate with this. But why is it so hard always be 10minutes earlier?

We often think that if we can wake up 10mins earlier, we would have sufficient time to look at the mirror carefully and not regret when our crush saw our messy hair.

If only we could get out of the house 10mins earlier, we would not be worried about being late and have our pay deducted.

If we can complete the preparation of the documents 10mins earlier, we would not be nervous in the meeting. We can be better prepared when answering question and our boss would not reprimand us.

Many successful people conclude the importance of this 10minutes. By just 10minutes earlier, you can avoid much frustration and it could also assist you with creating an admirable image.

this is a sound investment. Most people understand this principle, but very few of them would actually be willing to implement it. In reality, most people may get intermittently excited about this idea, but on a long run unwilling to do all the work it would take.

We may enthusiastically promise ourselves to do it immediately, but our body still faithfully stayed in the same comfort zone, dragging it.

Lazy people like to say: “I will do it tomorrow” Then, tomorrow comes tomorrow and the process of procrastination starts. 10 minute’s earlier may sound so simple, but to do it; it is not easy.

The slow suicide of procrastination. Procrastination kills, and this is real. You may think that is too dramatic, but think again.

Once you are addicted to the tendency of wanting to push off what needed to be done today, until tomorrow. You will start to feel like a slow and deliberate death as you kept delaying tasks until they seem overwhelmingly impossible to accomplish.

Truth is you are slowly suffocating yourselves from your own potential, while at the same time killing your ambition with inaction. Most of our actions come from the routines driven by our unconscious mind, which means our habits.

If you are addicted to procrastination, the repetition of this will create a bad habit. Which makes us unconsciously or habitually trying to remain in this comfort zone.

Metaphorically, procrastination is like the story about the boiling frog. It seduces us to indulge in the illusion of comfort, unable to pull ourselves out in time.

Procrastination is a disease that needs treatment. Procrastination is the mental inability to do the things you originally set out to do. It is the manifestation of the lack of willpower.

In the bestseller book, overcoming Procrastination. It stated about 80% of the population suffered from Procrastination of different levels, but the cause of it is similar.

1. Laziness

This seems to be the biggest reason of all procrastination. Laziness and procrastination are co-dependent best friends. A lazy person most likely will be addicted to procrastination.

2. Perfectionist 

Perfectionist love to insist on their principle. They may choose not to start anything until everything is in place or ready. They waste large amount of time on dreaming and waiting. They ended up with nothing accomplished.

3. Fear of Failure/Disapproval 

Procrastination is a comforting protection mechanism, shielding the person from the possibility of real failure that may stem from the lack of self confidence. Such a person will associate mistakes with his value as a person.

Hence, deep inside, he is afraid of not being able to complete the task so he would simply create reasons to escape or put it off.

4. Sensation Seeking 

This is a personality trait that is associated with the tendency to procrastinate. They individually procrastinate make the task feel more challenge and exciting.

Hence they usually wait until right before the deadline to get them done. This creates a false sense of superiority. Win the war with procrastination, then you truly become invincible.

If you too are suffering from procrastination, and you have strong desire to quit this addiction. You might want to be truthful to yourselves and study the above possibilities. Finding the actual causes that are chaining you to it. And seek the specific treatment to improve your condition.

5. Surround Yourselves With The Right People 

Oprah Winfrey said that -“Surround ourselves with only people who are going to lift you higher.”

Surround ourselves with hard workers. This will help to create an urgency in you and an ego to become better. Say no to lazy people, they will only drag you down.

6. Find Your Passion And Set Goal to Activate

Most people procrastinate because of a lack of ambition, passion, and motivation to move. Hence you need to seek out your interest. Start by a setting a small simple goal, like a to do list, and reward yourselves once you’ve achieved it.

The positive feeling itself will help you want to push yourselves harder, day by day.

7. Discard Perfectionism and The Fear of Failure

These are similar issues; they are both excuses. Excuses are simply just that, they are empty words, and they can not improve any situation. Be brave and take the first step.

8. Plan 

When you plan and execute them step by step, your productivity will increase. The key is prioritized according to the urgency of the task. Use the Eisenhower matrix to organize tasks into four quadrants.

1. Urgent and important
2. important but not urgent
3. Urgent but not important
4. Not urgent and not important

This will becomes noticeably clear to you on what to prioritize.

9. Time Management

Procrastination can also result from poor time management. Learn to find ways to work smarter so you will always be more efficient and ahead of time.




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