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Nowadays, life has become somewhat of a dilemma, due to which every person remains under stress. Everyone wants to avoid, such people who are irritable. And they like a person who has a good sense of humor.

Everyone wants that he should be happy, keep smiling, then he gives more importance, to those people who keep laughing at others with their words. Wouldn’t you like a person who brings a smile to your face with his words? So It is a basic thing to have a sense of humor. 

You don’t have to be a comedian to have a sense of humor.  In such a situation, the person who has a Sense of Humor is loved by all. Such a person reduces the tension of people with his words and also makes the atmosphere pleasant.  

You just need to have fun. For this, you just have to learn to see the lighter side of things. Researchers say that sense of humor is necessary for everyone. Moreover, women prefer men, who are intelligent as well as trustworthy.

Let me tell me the easy ways to increase your Sense of Humor

1. Be Sensible

If you really want to increase your sense of humor, then learn to laugh.  If you are laughing all the time, that’s madness, but if you can say something in a funny way, then definitely do it. It is very important to have sense in your jokes and your words.

Make sure you only do funny things at the right times. Good timing is the most important thing to make someone laugh. Humor is not needed in every situation. If you learn to laugh yourself, then only you will be able to teach the world to laugh. 

2. Observation

You also have to learn to be fun and observe everything. You should spend time with the kids, hang out with funny friends, watch comedy shows and listen to funny anecdotes.

By doing this you can learn funny style. You have to absorb funny people to increase your sense of humor. It has been seen that even big comedians absorb people. Such people can also give you many types of ideas for jokes.

3. Stay Relex

Sometimes some people try to be funny then it starts overacting. Adopt a funny style as much as suits your personality. Laughing and having fun comes on their own, it is stupid to force it.

Don’t show fakeness. Understand the situation and speak softly without getting nervous. Bindass attitude is very important in doing comedy or becoming humorous. A person who has a good sense of humor is always relaxed. That’s why his humor comes out naturally. That’s why you also have to be relaxed.

4. An Extreme Level Comparision

We can say things in an extreme way to improve our sense of humor. For Example, we can tell our friend when he comes late, that “oh, today you are too early”.

Another example is that you ate food prepared by your friend and it was not that good, but you can say that the food was wonderful.

Of course, your friend also knows that the food was not good enough, but when you said so, there is a sense of humor in it. And it will be considered as an extreme level of comparison, which enhances our sense of humor.

5. Sarcasm

There are some topics that make you defensive for no reason. So forget the things that immediately make you feel defensive. If you want, to have a good sense of humor, then you should forget Criticism, Judgment, and Self-Doubt.

Instead, take some of the humor out, of these annoying things by going back to them. Not everyone criticizes you or gets angry with you. So always smile or laugh.

Most jokes on social media, especially Twitter, are topical or topical. All types of newscaster show also fall in this category. In which the writer or artist takes a dig, at the recent.

6. Have Fun And Carry On

When you are happy, only then, you will be able to make others laugh. Happy people don’t take life too seriously. First of all, you have to keep your mind light and cool then only cool things will come to your mind and you will be able to make others laugh.

99% of the things in life, are not under your control. You are alive at this moment, you can die in the next moment. And even if you want, you cannot control this thing. So just enjoy and make everyone happy. 

7. Try To Be Witty

Good humor requires that a person reacts quickly.  We make humor out of things. It is difficult because whatever you have to say, has to be said in the situation, of that time. There is no preparation in advance. And honored because such humor seems so effortless

This kind of humor is called Improvised Humor and this is the hardest and most respected sense of humor. Kapil Sharma is probably the best example of this. During his shows, most of his comedy comes out in talks. This kind of comedy is not scripted.


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