If you are also a target of people, because of your shy nature, then you need to know about this feeling. Shyness is a strange kind of fear or apprehension, that some people feel when approaching others. Also, feel persistent when others approach them.

This can be called a reaction of fear. Psychology says, in today’s time, there is a lot of shyness in people. It becomes a part of our nature. Along with this, our environment also has a great effect on shyness.

It is said that “Shy people notice everything but they do not get noticed “

Our parents’ ways, of raising us and life experiences also determine whether we are shy or not. Some of our particular characteristics are responsible for shame. For example, self-consciousness, negative self-esteem, low self-esteem, and fear of being judged and rejected by others.

Shy people often make unrealistic social comparisons with others, compare themselves to the most lively people, and believe that others are constantly evaluating them poorly, shy people lose out, on new social opportunities, as a result, they lose out on new social opportunities. They fail to improve social skills.

Today I will tell you some such points, with the help of which you can get rid of shyness.

1. Accept Your Shyness

Friends, hesitation, or shame are there in all of us. Some have more, some less, but everyone is shy at some point or the other. But some people are unable to speak, in front of many people. You have to accept your shyness.

The first step to overcoming your shyness is to accept your shyness and try to be comfortable with it. The more you resist it, unconsciously or consciously, the stronger it will be.

If you feel ashamed, admit it and embrace it completely. One way to adopt this is to say “yes, I’m shy and I accept it”, over and over again.

2. Motivate Yourself

I will not go there because I am shy, this is negativity, always tell yourself that I am not shy and I was never shy, try to keep yourself positive always.

Therefore, when you have made up, your mind to leave the habit of shying, then try to make yourself well-versed in any one field.

After making yourself knowledgeable in any one field, you will definitely give importance to yourself. You will feel that you are special even in the crowd. This is how you can reduce your shyness

3. Just talk

Speaking is necessary to remove shyness. Speak on any topic. Speak to any person but speak. Try to identify the thoughts running through your head, before you feel ashamed.

To meet and make friends with new people, you can join a good group or club where you will get new friends to talk to and make friends.

To make more friends, you have to improve your communication skills and looks, this does not mean that you cannot make friends by keeping yourself like this, but it is good to keep changing yourself.

4. Interact With People

Business People Meeting at a Restaurant, Bar

What is the root of your shame? This is usually a symptom of a bigger problem. It is essential that you practice speaking in public, in order to really overcome the problem of shyness.

Try to see shame as a sign, push yourself into it, and do the opposite, of what you’re doing when you feel ashamed. When you feel ashamed in public, push yourself and do the opposite,I mean, talk to  people.

Yes, you will feel extremely uncomfortable and negative, but again look at these feelings as a trigger, and push yourself more and more.

5. Try New Things

It’s often easier to talk with strangers, at least briefly. After all, you’ll never see them again, so why care what they think of you? From the man walking towards the bus.

Try to make eye contact with him with a smile. It will only take 3 seconds of your time! The more you do this, the more receptive and friendly you become with people. A simple smile towards a stranger can brighten your day and it will brighten them up too! 

6. Know Your Strengths

The more you compare yourself to others, the more you will feel that you are not able, to match and the more you will be intimidated, which will make you timid.

Everyone has some special gift or attribute to offer the world. When you pay attention to this, you’ll find that you have a lot to offer in any group or situation. 

7. Stop Thinking About People

You, being a modest person, are holding yourself back in fear, of being laughed at by ordinary people. In our own country i.e. India, big leaders, even the Prime Minister, have made their laughter by speaking wrongly many times.

But they never worry about this thing and are ready for the next time speech. Allow yourself to be funny again and again and then see that shyness will keep distance from you.

8. Make Eye Contact

It is the result of the surrounding environment. Making eye contact helps you reduce your shyness. It takes a lot of courage for shy people to make eye contact, but when you do, you beat your shyness.

But overall, people who are adept at meeting people are happier. This is not a disease that can be treated. That’s why it is not right, to underestimate yourself when you are shy. In many countries, talking eye to eye is considered a sign of confidence. 




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