After the introduction of concepts like kitchen garden rooftop, the interest of people in gardening has increased a lot. In big cities, where people do not have much land for growing trees or for gardening, then people in the balcony of their house, above the ceiling, in the kitchen, or in their apartment or flat where sunlight comes easily people definitely plant some plants there.

Ever since covid 19 has spread across the world, people have started taking care of their immune system and it is also necessary to do so. So today Pagalworld will tell you about some such medicinal and herbal plants, which you can easily grow even if you have less space available in your home. So let us know about this.

First of all, let’s know some important things about medicinal plants and herbals.

Recently, WHO said in a report that about 80% of the population around the world is dependent on herbal remedies. According to WHO, there are about 21000 such plant species which have medicinal properties.

More than 30% of the trees were used for medicinal purposes at one time or another. In America, Europe or other developed countries, only 25 to 30% of the medicinal properties of plants are used. But in India its quantity is up to 80%.

The consumption of medicinal plants or herbal plants in India from 2014 to 2015 was about 1 lakh 95 thousand million tones. And 1178 types of medicinal plants are used, and one lakh 67 thousand 500 million tones are used for domestic use every year.

So the market for medicinal plants and herbals grown in India was $4.2 billion in 2019. That is why there are many benefits of growing medicinal plants for self use at home or for commercial supply.

Nature has given many such properties to plants naturally which are a boon for us and they would have no side effect. Medicinal plants and the herbs made from them are cheaper than pharmaceutical medicines and their business can also be done with investment.

The leaves, stems, roots of medicinal plants are used for almost everything. So there is less chance of them being useless. These can be easily given to any age group. Now let’s talk about some such herbal plants which can be easily grown at home.

1. Aloe Vera –

The most easily grown plant among these is aloe Vera, which is called ghratkumari in Hindi. If you are growing it in a tub or pot, then it can be grown anywhere like in the kitchen, in your room, in the balcony or on the terrace. Just remember that it should get sunlight.

The best thing is that to grow aloe Vera, more manure or fertilizer would not be required. There is no need to irrigate the soil too much. Where aloe Vera has been planted, when the water given for the first time starts drying, then water it the next time.

Many plants can be made from one plant of Aloe Vera. If one of your plants has grown well and leaves have come in it, then after cutting a leaf and burying it in the soil, after a few days you will see that the roots have come out. And plant this new root somewhere, then that too will become a plant. In this way you can grow many plants.

2. Mint (Pudina) –

Now let’s talk about the next herbal plant which is mint. How many times you must have eaten mint chutney or drank mint syrup. But actually there is a herbal with medicinal properties in mint which is famous all over the world.

Mint is used to reduce abdominal pain and chest pain. Apart from this, menthol is also extracted from mint, which is used a lot in the perfume cosmetic industry. And how can you forget that to give freshness to our mother-in-law, many toothpaste brands sell their products by focusing on mint.

Growing mint from seed is a bit difficult task, but if a mint plant is taken out and stopped in the soil, then it becomes a plant easily. While removing the cutting, keep its length 4 to 5 inches and remove the leaves which are on the lower side. Be careful not to damage the stem.

Wherever you are planting mint, if you prepare the soil by mixing normal soil, sand, manure made from cow dung, and coconut powder, then mint will grow well. Mint grows very fast, so to prevent it from spreading, make a boundary on the ground or grow it in a pot. Keep in mind that sunlight is necessary.

Within 15 to 20 days you will see that the potted plants have grown. By the way, you can easily sell mint as a vegetable in the local market at the local rate. And if you are cultivating it on a large scale, then after drying its leaves, you can make powder and sell it with good packaging.

By the way, a 100 gram packet of mint powder sells for more than Rs 150 on Amazon. So think how much profit you can earn, and also a lot of profit for yourself from the care of health.

3. Basil (Tulsi) – 

Now let’s talk further about Tulsi or Basil. Basil is worshiped as a goddess in Hinduism. And you can see Basil in the courtyard of almost all Hindu families. It is also a medicinal plant and due to its medicinal properties, it is used a lot.

When you want to get rid of your fatigue after returning from work, drink a cup of tea made from Basil. Or if there is swelling somewhere in the body, then basil leaves are also beneficial in that. After waking up in the morning on an empty stomach, chewing basil leaves improves digestion.

It does not take much effort to grow basil. It grows easily in the normal soil of the house and survives even in dry soil. Just choose a place where there is shade and sunlight for its growth. Also, there should be a good drainage system so that the water can drain out easily.

When the Basil plant grows, it has both flowers and seeds. When the seeds dry up, new plants can be grown from them. Although basil can be grown throughout the year, the time period from June to November is the best. By removing the seeds from the plants, they can be kept in a tub, for which the soil can be prepared by mixing organic manure and sand at 60 to 40 ratio.

Put the seeds in the soil and cover them with another layer and put water in a bright place, but direct sunlight should not be read. Seeds will germinate in 15 to 20 days and in 45 days they will grow so much that they can be planted one by one in separate pots.

Oil made from basil is sold in the market for Rs 700 to 900 kg and its seeds for Rs 200 per kg. If Basil is being grown on a large scale, then companies like Tata Tea, Dabur, and Himalaya also buy their crops directly from the farmers.

4. Rosemary –

Now let’s talk about Rosemary. If you watch food blocks or food channels, then you must have seen many such dishes being made in which rosemary is used. Rosemary contains antioxidants that boost the immune system. Reduces inflammation in the body and enhances memory.

Although it is used a lot in foreign countries, it also contains chemicals that improve our alertness, intelligence, and focus. If you have planted a rosemary plant or it is already planted in your house, then cut its 5 to 6 inch long stem. Then remove the leaves at the bottom and you can either keep it in a tub with soil and compost or keep it submerged in water.

In both these methods, its roots will come out in two or three weeks, which will form a new plant. If you are planting in the soil, then at least once a day, you will definitely put water in it.

The demand for rosemary cultivation is increasing very much in India. It is in great demand in the tea industry, aroma industry, and body care industry. Rosemary oil is used in perfumes, soaps and other beauty products. In India, 200 to 250 kg of rosemary leaves are sold.

5. Lavender – 

And now let’s talk about lavender. Lavender is always in demand as a medicinal plant. Due to its fragrance, it remains highly demanded in the perfume and aroma industry.

Researchers on lavender believe that such herbal properties are present in it, which benefits the human body a lot, such as mixing it in bath water reduces stress. People also mix it in salads and laminade. It is also used as an i pad in the beauty industry.

Spike lavender is the best breed of lavender in India which can grow easily. You can grow it from seed and from small plants. They need good drainage to grow and a good amount of calcium carbonate in the soil is better for their growth. Also, it is better if the average temperature is neither too hot nor too low. Light of three to four hours a day increases their yield and after watering once, first let the soil dry out and then add water again.

If we talk about the price of lavender, then dry lavender flowers are sold up to Rs 1500, and dry lavender words are sold up to Rs 2000 kg. Apart from these, by planting plants like lemon grass, fenugreek, fenugreek, tea tree, thyme, you can give your contribution in the herbal industry and you can also earn good money.

Hope you will like these methods of non-traditional farming and you will get a lot of help if you are planning something like this. And you will continue to get such fun information through Pagalworld in future too.


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