Our life, our intentions, our desires, and our feelings affect our conduct and our actions and all this is somehow related to “Karmahttps://www.livescience.com › 4…
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All those actions which we do not only through the body but also through our mind and speech are called karma.

It is because of our ‘karma that we keep coming into the cycle of births continuously. After acquiring knowledge, there is no karma bondage of any kind and in the future, the only will is to attain knowledge will be left. At the end of all karmas, the ultimate salvation is attained.

Here, we will let you know about some laws of karma by which actions we can get rid of the cycle of births.

1. As You Sow So Shall You Reap

According to the deeds a man does in his life, he gets the fruits accordingly. As a man sows, so he reaps. The fruit of good deeds is good and vice-versa.
One day a person who causes suffering to others drowns himself in an ocean of suffering. God blesses those who do good to others. Your actions and even your reactions will come back to you somehow.
A person who walks on the right path of humanity is called a human and a person who moves on the wrong path of a demon is called a demon. It is ” The Great Law“.

2. You Attract What You Are, Not What You Want

You will have unaccounted for what you share, whether it is ‘wealth’, ‘food’, ‘respect’, ‘disrespect’, ‘hate‘, or ‘love’. One of the most common reasons you don’t get what you want is that you actually aren’t clear about your desire. You are confused, even I’m confused.
You think and say things that put mixed messages into the Universe. The Universe wants to give you your desires. But too often it thinks you want something different. It is “The Law Of Creation”.

3. What You Resist, Persists

Friends, you must have heard this dialogue of Om Shanti Om”, If you want something from your heart, then the whole universe goes into making it meet you”.
This is the principle that says that your thoughts become reality. It may sound strange but it is a universal truth. Whatever we are is the result of what we thought till today.
There is only one consciousness. Everything, every person, that is in reality is the result of your own thinking. This is “The Law Of Humidity“.

4. Wherever You Go, There You Are

It’s a cheesy old adage, but it’s true. Wherever you go, there you are. It means that if you don’t like yourself, or you haven’t made peace, with yourself for things you’ve done in the past, you will be dealing with that baggage forever.

This is “The Law Of Growth“. This law also looks at the things you can’t control and how you deal with accepting this fate.

5. Our Lives Are Of Our Own Doing, Nothing Else

Life’s journey may not always be easy but we must stay positive all the time. You are the product of the choices you make. You are responsible for what you do. We are responsible for how we choose to live our lives.

Others are not responsible for this. We are responsible for how we treat others and how we allow others to treat us. This is ” The Law Of Responsibility”.

6. Everything You Do Is Somehow Connected

Whatever is happening with us today is somehow connected with our past and future. One’s present life is affected by one’s past.

The law of connection states that everything and every person is connected in some way. Who you are today is the result of your previous actions. This is “The Law Of Connectivity“.

7. You Can Not Think Of Two Things At The Same Time

Our brains can‘t focus our attention on multiple objects at once. It’s hard to control 2 things at once. it is simply not possible to think of two things at once. Although humans may seem to be able to perform multiple tasks at once this is not what actually happens.
We can not manage our attention on multiple objects at once. Some people suffer from this because they are unable to focus on things. This is “The Law Of Focus“.

8. Demonstrating Our Selflessness Shows True Intentions

The biggest achievement of human life is to work continuously in the interest of society with selflessness. We always get good values by doing service.

The biggest achievement of human life is to work continuously in the interest of society with selflessness. We always get good values by doing service. The biggest achievement of human life is to work continuously in the interest of society with selflessness. We always get good values by doing service.

Service and virtue both have a great contribution to success in life. A person who stays away from service and virtue can never be successful. This is “The Law Of Giving And Hospitality“.

9. One Cannot Be Present If They Are Looking Backward Or, For The Matter Forward

It is the present moments that ultimately matters. If anything we can do, we have to do it now. You can’t change the past, but you can change the future.
You’ll miss out on opportunities if you’re always looking back. We try to make our present successful by going beyond our past. This is “The Law Of Presence“.

10. History Repeats Itself Unless Changed

History has a tendency to repeat itself. People are the driving force behind any war, and people haven’t ultimately changed much. History repeats itself because the history of mistakes also repeats itself.
An experience happens so that we can learn something from it and if we are unable to learn that from it, then we go back to the same mistakes that we did before, which also results in the repetition of the same history. This is “The Law Of Change“.

11. The Best Reward Is One That Contributes To The Whole

We can give something good to the world as a gift.

We can give something good to the world as a gift. We can give something good to the world as a gift. We all have something that we can contribute to making the world better. One gets back from something whatever they put into it.

Even our smallest contribution proves to be very important for society. The true value of something is a direct result of the energy and intent that is put into it. This is “The Law of Significance and Inspiration

12. Nothing of Value Is Created Without A patient Mindset

Our rewards are claimed only through patience and persistence, nothing else. Rewards are not the end result. When a man has patience, he is satisfied with every success he has.

If we are patient in life then we can achieve a lot, even the biggest success we can achieve with patience.
But without patience, there can be no success in any big task in life. Make sure that your attitude is working for you, not against you. This is “The Law Of Patience And Reward“.

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