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Love is the most lovable feeling in the world and if love is true then life is set.

True love is the one who is with you in all situations, supports you in sorrow, and considers your happiness as your happiness. Depends on the above, love definitely changes a person.

How do you ask her to be yours forever?  Proposing marriage is a big step in life.

Without love, the existence of life is dull and incomplete. People do crazy things in love. With beautiful ways like a candlelit dinner, a picnic on the hills during sunset, and much more, proposing your ‘one’ should be a memorable one.

Hence, here are some wonderful and unique proposals ever which are quite famous

1. Sand And Love Proposal:  Mike Wakefield

Plumber proposes to his girlfriend using 30ft sand art creation | Daily Mail Online

Mike Wakefield’s artistic proposal spanned a massive 30-by-15 feet on a beach in Newquay, England.

He said via an Instagram post, “It’s not every day you get to ask the woman you #love to marry you. I had to do something special for sure!”

“We are both big beach-lovers so I could think of no better place to propose,” he told England’s Western Morning News. “The hardest part was the timing as I had to work with the tides, work shifts, and the weather to try to get everything matched up.”

The guy told that he is going to try sand art for the first time, saying, “I just made up each bit as I went along with sunbeams, tentacles, and spirals, etc.”

Wakefield’s long-time girlfriend India Stevens, a nurse, described the proposal as “a massive surprise.”

On one knee, he asked the same question that every girl would like to hear. The girl Stevens said, “yes”. And also wrote her answer in the sand. It was such a romantic proposal we all can imagine.

Love is the rarest feeling in the world.

2. 365 Days Proposal: Dean Smith

365 Day Proposal Video | PEOPLE.com

Dean Smith has made us believe that how much he loves his partner, Jennifer, by planning a proposal that was 365 days before making the proper commitment.

Yes, Dean actually proposed her 365 days in a row, and he recorded each and every proposal. But the best part? Jennifer had no idea about any of it until there was just one more proposal to go.

And of course, he proposed to her and she accepted him as well as his dearest love.

3. Detecting Love: Ryan Parson

A man named Ryan Parson used Metal Detector To Surprise his Girlfriend With an Elaborate Proposal.

Some people really go above and beyond, When it comes to popping the question. Ryan Parsons, a pastor at New Life Community Church in Bunker Hill, West Virginia, decided to propose to his girlfriend, Lisa.

He wanted to make his proposal beyond and rare. Ryan wanted to make this moment one of the most memorable experiences of Lisa’s life!

He proved his love towards her by metal Detector test.

He proposed to her with her grandmother’s diamond set in a brand new white gold engagement ring.

Lisa was shocked to see the ring and of course, she accepted it by saying “Yes”. And just like that, one more love story is completed

4. Tattooed On The Heart: Capaldo-Smith 

Video: Woman's epic reaction to boyfriend's marriage proposal tattoo

A man named Capaldo Smith surprises his girlfriend with a marriage proposal tattoo he tricks her into inking on him.

He Tattooed a heart on his ankle and wants to ask his girlfriend to marry him. This proposal was quite rare and painful because that girl has to answer yes or no with a needle.

The very first time she was having done a tattoo and she was quite nervous. because “you’re about to put a needle in somebody,” but little did she know what would happen next.

Capaldo-Smith lifted up his shorts to reveal a hidden tattoo he had gotten the day before that read, “Will you marry me?” with boxes for Work to check “yes” or “no.”

Overjoyed, she marked “yes” after crying tears of joy. The moment was caught on camera.

5. Valentine’s day Proposal: Nick & Ashley

Ashley and Nick's Proposal on The Knot's HowTheyAsked.com

For her 25th birthday, Nick surprised her about a month early and gives Ashley a birthday present.  After sitting in a ton of traffic we were finally at the game.

When they were out in front of the stadium Nick kept suggesting that he wants to take a picture.

When they got to their seats they took a picture. Nick handed Ashley”s  phone to the ticket lady and He asked the lady,” can you please take our picture”.

The next thing we knew that he was down on one knee asking her to marry him. Ashley started crying and somehow got out a yes!

The whole section was clapping and cheering as they were hugging and it was like a scene out of a movie. It was the hands-down greatest day of their life and it was definitely the best birthday ever.








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