Friends! Many hard-working, smart, and talented people in the world never achieve financial independence, because they do not understand the money game and keep doing financial struggle throughout their life.

The goal of all of us is Financial Freedom. I don’t think, you want to do a 9-5 job for the rest of your life, rather you want to make so much money that you can invest in the right place; so that whenever you leave your job, your investments cover your daily expenses and you get financial freedom which lets you can enjoy a beautiful life.

Money management and saving is an art, if you want freedom financially then you have to become a master in that art. The more you save, the more you will be investing which will directly impact your income.

Here, pagalworld gonna tell you 5 practical and psychological tricks with that you will be able to save a lot every month and you will be able to achieve your goals faster. so let’s begin it –

5. Pay Yourself First –

Friends, before becoming financially rich you have to develop a rich mentality. Most of the people work very hard in their jobs and as soon as they get their salary, they first pay all the other people except themselves.

They pay their taxes, pay their bills, repay old loans, and then buy the things they need from what is leftover. Due to this, they do not have any money left at the end of the month.

But, a rich mentality is such that as soon as money comes to them, they first pay themselves i.e. on their assets, investments, and savings. And only after that do they spend on taxes, bills, and shopping.

The Richest Man in Babylon teaches us that the richest and wealthiest start with savings. The author says that we should save at least 10% of our salary, then for this, you can get automatic deduction every month in another account.

You should not have a credit card, debit card, internet banking for this account. That is, this money should be for investment and emergency only.

4. Use The 30 Day Rules –

Whenever you feel like you need to buy some things, especially expensive things, then write them on paper and wait at least 30 days till you actually buy. This will help you in three things –

1. The first thing will be, that you will not buy anything in a hurry and eagerness.

2. Second, there is a lot of chance that you can find a discount on them or you will get the better and cheaper products in the market.

3. And the third advantage is that after waiting for thirty days, you will feel that you have no special interest in many things on your list. And you take them out of your list, then invest this money in a better place.

Sometimes in excitement, we buy many useless things, which are useless. after some time. So in this way, you will buy only those things which will be useful and important for you.

3. Use Of Cash – 

Our next trick is only for those who are unable to control themselves and spend a lot in excitement whenever you go shopping, always use cash and not debit cards and cheques.

Whether you order food at a restaurant or buy something from a store, you will find paying a thousand rupees more difficult than swiping your card. Because usually, we have an emotional attachment to some physical cash. In this way, you will become more conscious in terms of shopping over time.

By doing all this, you will only buy what you need and not what you just want.

2. Avoid Getting Hooked On Good Deals –

The next trick you can do is to avoid getting hooked on good deals. All the deals you see in the market, in shopping malls, on shopping websites, it is actually a marketing strategy to get your money spent.

Here you also buy such things which normally you do not have to buy. If something is worth Rs.100 in the special offer you get it for Rs.75 then you have not saved Rs.25 but spent Rs.75.

That’s why always focus on only those deals that are really important to buy, and avoid the other deals.

1. Change Your Mentality –

New Mindset New Results

The fourth trick described so far is how to save money which is not enough for your financial freedom. That’s why the most important trick number one in the list of Pagalworld is to change your mentality. You increase your income and not just reduce your expenses.

If you earn more then you will be able to save more and invest more. So your focus should not be on saving maximum but on increasing your skills and value so that you can earn more and more.

Hope you have loved these simple tricks. The purpose of Pagalworld is that you learn more and more, complete your goals faster and enjoy a better life. If you liked this content, then share it with your friends whom you want to improve.

Thanks for reading this content from beginning to end. So read, learn and grow as much as you possibly can!




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