Every person in the world aspires to get a good job by studying and writing. But in our India, many people are not able to complete their studies due to some compulsions.

Most people do not know but there are many such jobs in our country which do not require any college degree to get them. Through these jobs, many people can earn a good salary.

Today in this exciting content from Pagalworld, we will tell you about some of the jobs that do not require any college degree. So let’s take a look at these top 6 jobs.

1. Game Designer –

Many people must have heard about this job for the first time but working as a game designer is also a good career option in today’s time. The job of these designers is to create a game’s story plots, interface, etc. If the person has a creative mind as well as has an interest in games and computers, then the chances of getting success in this field increase greatly.

To get this job, education up to the 12th standard is enough. The game designing diploma can be done immediately after passing the 12th class. Many institutes in India offer various diploma courses like this.

The job in this field starts as training. In which salary from 7000 to 10000 is given. But as the working experience increases, the salary also reaches from 70,000 to 100,000.

2. Professional Youtuber –

You might find it a bit strange to hear this, but YouTube is also considered a better career option in the times. There is neither an age limit nor any minimum qualification to work on YouTube. Any person in the world can start his YouTube channel at any time.

This is a career in which you have complete freedom, a person can work whenever he wants and as much as he wants. Because on YouTube a person does the same thing in which he is interested. That is why it is considered one of the most interesting careers in the world.

Making a career on YouTube requires a lot of patience. It may take 6 months to 1 year for a channel to start earning. Money is earned on YouTube through Google AdSense, sponsored videos, affiliate marketing. The more popular the channel, the more money is earned.

3. Cabin Crew Member –

If a person feels that he cannot become a pilot or is not interested in becoming a pilot, then he can consider becoming a cabin crew member. The job of the cabin crew of an airplane is to ensure the comfort, safety, and well-being of passengers.

A cabin crew member is known as a flight attendant, air host, and air hostess. The job of a cabin crew member is very responsible. It requires hard work, commitment, intelligence, and complete dedication to the work.

To go into this field, a person can do any one course between one to three years of 12th class as per his wish. After completing the course, one gets a job in no time. The starting salary of a cabin crew member is around 3,60,000.

4. Commercial Pilot –

Many people do not know this thing, but to become a pilot, only a 12th class education is enough. Although it is not so easy to achieve success in this field, if a person has the passion to become a pilot, then he can be successful.

To get into this field, one has to pass the 12th class from the science stream. After passing the 12th class, the aspirant can register in a flying club recognized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, DGCA, Government of India.

A student can obtain Pilot License SPL. After that through training one has to get a Private Pilot License (PPL) and then Commercial License (CPL). It takes a lot of hard work to get this license.

A commercial pilot is paid very well all over the world. The monthly salary of a pilot in India ranges from 1.5 to 5 lakhs per month.

5. Fashion Designer –

If a person has a creative mind and wants to do a job after school, then fashion designing can be a great option for him. The salary is also very good in this type of job.

Interested person can do diploma in designing only after 10th class. He does not even need to study till 12th standard and can go for interior designing not only in fashion designing but in the same way. Many institutes all over India offer a Diploma in Designing. If a diploma is done in a good institute, then the job becomes even easier.

There is no minimum age requirement for doing this diploma. Usually, the starting monthly salary of fashion designing is around 3000. As work experience increases with time, so does the salary.

6. Stock Market Professionals –

Many people in the world have not studied much but they have good knowledge of the stock market. For such people, working as a stock market professional can be a great career option. To get a job in this field, education up to the 12th standard is enough.

If a person has a good and deep knowledge of the stock market as well as is interested in working in this field, then this career can prove to be very successful for him. The interested person also has to get registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India to work in this field.

Applicant must be above 21 years of age to register. The basic salary in this job is not that high but the bonus that comes with it is quite good. The bonus amount depends on performance.

So, friends, these were such jobs for which you do not need any degree. Hope you liked our today’s content. if you want more ideas like this then stay connected with pagalworld.


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