Our body is made up of 5 elements which are Air element, Fire element, Earth element, Water element, and Sky element. These elements dissolve in nature after death.

It is said that someone has more of an element and someone has less of an element. It is because of these five elements that the body works. The brain cells are made up of five lights.

Basically, all these basic elements should remain in our bodies in equal quantity. When there is a slight error in them or due to an error or increase in one element, there is a disturbance in the other elements. and diseases arise in the body.

Now I will tell you about these elements in depth.

1- Air Element

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This element provides nourishment to the mental power and the capacity of memory and power. If there are disorders in it, then the memory power starts decreasing.

Air is present in our body in the form of Pranavayu. When the air leaves the body, we die. All that is life is the air element. The earth is breathing too.

The air (oxygen) that we take in the form of breath, from which we are sure to be, from which our life is, that is the element of air.

2- Water Element

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This element provides coolness. Due to the disorder in it, the mildness decreases. The root of the world has originated from water.

The water element is a very important element to the human body. About 70 percent of water is present in our body, in the same way as water exists on earth.

All the liquid elements that are flowing in the body and this earth are all water elements. Be it water, blood, fat, all kinds of juices, and enzymes produced in the body.

3- Earth Element

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This element is a sign of infinite tolerance and by this, a man becomes full of wealth. Due to its flawed people become selfish. It is called part of the root of the world.

Our body as seen is also part of the material world and the earth as well. From this, our physical body is made, but it cannot come to life unless other elements become part of it.

The elements, metals, and non-metals from which the earth is made, from them our body is also made.

4- Fire Element

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This element helps in the power of thought and makes it easy to discern the difference between the mind. If there is an error in this, then our thinking power starts decreasing.

Water is believed to have originated from fire. Fire is present in our bodies in the form of energy. It is because of this fire that our body is moving.

The fire element is a symbol of energy, power, and heat. All the heat in our body is the element of fire. This fire element keeps the body healthy by digesting the food.

It is this element that bestows strength and power to the body.

5- Sky Element

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This element maintains the necessary balance in the body. Due to this disorder, we start losing physical balance. The sky is an element in which earth, water, fire, and air exist.

 This sky element is the mind in the immaterial form. Just as the sky is infinite, so the mind also has no limits.

Just as the sky is sometimes cloudy, sometimes dusty, and sometimes completely clear, in the same way, there is happiness, sometimes sadness, and sometimes absolutely calm in the mind.

This mind is the sky element form that is present in the body. This sky is the carrier of the soul within us. To realize this element, spiritual practice is needed.

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