While happiness being an emotion that is subjected to fluctuation, life satisfaction describes your general attitude towards your quality of life. Life satisfaction is the evaluation of one’s life as a whole, not simply one’s current level of happiness.

It is closely related to our values and priority in life. As a result, it may differ from one person to the other. Some may value achievement and fame. Some may priorities relationships. Some focus on personal growth.

For example, one may have a challenging life with multiple unfortunate events that caused one to be unhappy and stressful. However, if he values the achievement of overcoming challenges, he would be satisfied with his life.

Here are 5 secrets to improve life satisfaction for most people.

1. Engage in activities that will get you into the zoneĀ 

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The first secret is to Engage in activities that will get you into the zone. A powerful sign of happiness is experiencing the “Flow State“. It’s a mental state where people are so engrossed in an activity and become unaware of time.

It is always associated with doing things we like and we are good at. I am sure most of us have experienced it at some point in our lifetime. When we are being immensely focused on a task, we become lost in time. This is why we feel like time flies when we are happy.

In the state of flow, we become one with the activity. The act of performing the activity itself brings us immense joy! Identify these activities and be engaged in them.

2. Build Sufficient Security In Life

The second secret is to Build sufficient security in life. When we talk about security, most of us would first think of financial security. But money is not the only thing that brings us stability in life. There are other aspects in life that give us comforts, such as stability in emotion, intimacy, friendship, and status.

Rather than focus on external security, it is best if we look inward. Being psychologically comfortable with self and having a religion are the 2 important factors that lead to a satisfying life.

3. Learn Healthy Coping Strategies And Practice The Most Suitable Ones

The third secret is to learn healthy coping strategies and practice the most suitable ones. Unfortunately, there is no way we could totally eliminate stresses from life. Stresses appear at work, in relationships, and even within ourselves.

Hence, it is essential that we have a coping mechanism that we can reply to when stresses intrude on our life. There are many ways to cope with stress. Some are healthier, some are less healthy.

Listen to music, watch a good movie, talk to a friend, exercise, are healthier options. Whereas being addicted to alcohol or drugs, smoking, gambling is less healthy ones. Identify your coping strategies and replace the damaging ones with healthier mechanisms.

4. Find A Way To Make Sense Of The Uncontrollable

The fourth secret is to find a way to make sense of the uncontrollable. Life is always full of surprises. We would never figure out what will happen tomorrow. It is often stressful when we encounter unfortunate events, especially the ones that we couldn’t figure out why.

It is important we have a specific lens through which to view the world. Some may choose religion, some may choose science, some belief in fate and destiny, some are into astrology. No matter what it is, it is important to have a vision that we can rely upon to make sense of the world.

5. Be Self-Compassion And Confident

And the last secret is, be self-compassion and confident. Everyone experiences setbacks and failures in life. They do not mean that we are always a loser. It is often caused by many reasons, some were controllable, some were not.

Self-compassion would help us be kind to ourselves, attributing the factors of failures externally. When we accept our flaws, we will be able to work on them. We do not avoid them but face them head-on.

Let us let go of perfection, realize that we have our limits and weaknesses, and do what we can to the best of our ability! There is no fixed answer in life.

Let’s feel free to explore life in any manner that we wish. As long as we live a life that is in line with our values and priorities, our life satisfaction will be improved!

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