What is Religion? Relaxation of the body, silence of speech, and merging of mind into the inner, is meditation and this is the natural form of the soul, this is religion.

Relaxation of the body, silence of speech, and merging of mind into the inner, is meditation and this is the natural form of the soul, this is religion. Religion is very important in human life.

Religion does the important work, of organizing all the members, of the society by tying them in the thread of unity. The members of religion naturally tend to accept the same values. Due to common values and ideology, they become cooperative in each other’s happiness and sorrow.

Religion means to see soul to soul, to know soul to soul, and to be situated in soul to soul. That, which is not the nature of the soul, is not religion. Religion is the purity of conscience. It is not attained by mere interest in religion, it is attained by its spiritual practice. There are very few religious people who do spiritual practice.

1. Christianity

Christianity is one of the main religions of the world, whose tabernacles are called Christians. The advocates of Christianity follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. The founder of Christianity is Jesus Christ. The main book of Christianity is the Bible.
There are many communities among Christians such as Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Moroni, Avanzilak. Jesus Christ was crucified by the Roman governor Pontius. Jesus Christ was crucified in 33 AD. The most sacred symbol of Christianity is the cross.
Christians are monotheists, but they understand God, as the Trinity – God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. It represents about one-third of the world’s population and is the largest religion in the world.

2. Islam


Islam is a monotheistic religion. The word Islam means: ‘surrender to Allah‘. Thus a Muslim is one who has surrendered himself to Allah. The religion of Islam originated in the second half of the fifth century.

The founder of Islam was Hazrat Muhammad. Hazrat Muhammad attained enlightenment, in 610 AD in a cave called Hira near Mecca.

Quran is the holy book of the Islam religion. The birthday of Hazrat Muhammad is celebrated as Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi. The successors of Hazrat Muhammad were called Khalifa.

Hadish is considered to be the most sacred Granth in Islam after the Qur’an.

The five sacred principles of Islam are Shahada ( Kalima), Namaz (Salat), Roza (Fasting), Zakat (charity), and Hajj (Journey to Mecca).

3. Hinduism

According to scholars, Hinduism has been continuous for about 90 thousand years. The only scripture of Hinduism is the Vedas. The four parts of Veda are Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Atharvaveda.

The philosophy of Vedas is called Upanishads which are about 108. According to the Vedas, there is only one God, his name is Brahma. He alone is called Parameshwara, Paramatma, Supreme Father, Parabrahma, etc. He is formless, formless, unborn, unmanifest, and infinite.

All the deities, ancestors, sages, sages, Bhagwan, etc. meditate and pray to Him. Hinduism is a way of life. By adopting the rules of Yoga, Ayurveda, and fasting, you can always be happy by staying healthy.

It contains important information regarding food, water, sleep, meditation, karma, mind, intellect, and thought, which is also accepted by science today.

According to the Hindu religion, the goal of life is salvation. Hinduism is the third-largest community in the world. Their population is around 1 billion, which is 13.95 percent of the entire world population.

4. Judaism

Judaism is the oldest monotheistic religion in the world, dating back about 4,000 years. Followers of Judaism believe in a God who manifested himself through ancient prophets.

Understanding Judaism requires the history of Judaism, which has a rich heritage of law, culture, and tradition. There are approximately 14 million Jews worldwide.

Most of them live in the United States and Israel. Traditionally, a person is considered Jewish if his mother is Jewish. The Jewish sacred text is called the Tanakh or “Hebrew Bible. The Torah, the first five books of the Tanakh, outlines the law for the Jews to follow. It is sometimes called the Pentateuch.

5. Buddhism

Buddhism is the third largest religion in the world after Christianity and Islam. Its founder was Siddhartha Gautama (Gautam Buddha).
Gautam Buddha was born between 563 BC in Lumbini, Nepal near Kapilvastu. Buddhism and Jainism have similarities in relation to atheism.
Reincarnation is believed in Buddhism. Buddha gave his first sermon at Sarnath, which is called Dharmachakra Pravartan in Buddhist texts.
Buddha has called nirvana, the state of the waning of craving. The holiest festival of Buddhism is Vaishakh Purnima which is also known as Buddha Purnima. 37.6 million people worldwide follow Buddhism.


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