There was a poor man and a rich man living in the same village. The poor man worked really hard every day, yet he remained poor. In contrast, the rich man did not seem to work as hard, and yet he was living comfortably.

As time went by, the poor man found it unfair and he went to argue with god. God smiles and he took away everything from the rich man. This way the rich man become as poor as the poor man.

He then gave each of them a gold mine. The poor man was delighted, he is confident that he can be richer than the rich man with his hard work. Since then, the poor man woke up early in the morning to mine gold and sold them in the market in the evening. Day after day, the poor’s man life only become slightly better than before.

On the other hand, the rich man had little interest in labor work, hence he gave up mining after the third day. As he was struggling to earn a living, it forced him to come up with another way to earn money. So this was what he did.

He sold away all his gold. He did not choose to spend them away, but to pay a few young man to further mine on his behalf. With the help of the young man, the amount of mine increases. It brought in an enormous amount of revenue for the rich man.

However, he did not stop here. He knew that his gold mine would be depleted one day. Hence he set up a mine processing factory, which brought in even more wealth for him. Three years later, the rich man remained rich and the poor man continued to be poor.

Have you wondered why the rich man had the capability to become rich once again, even though he restarted from scratch? That was because of these 4 rich man mindsets.

1. Developing Good Rich Man Habits 

A research writer once interviewed 207 successful business people and 189 average people. He realized the different between the rich and the poor lies within their daily habits.

According to his research, most of them spent 20 hours similarly, Which is sleeping, working, and eating. And how they utilize the remaining four hours set the rich apart from the poor.

In the book of ‘Rich Habits‘, Thomas wrote that 88% of the rich man spent at least 30 minutes of their time reading. The common genres of book are self-improvement, the biography of success persons and history.

On the other hand, the average people spent their time on entertainment. Hence, they miss the opportunity to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

2. To Put in More Effort And be Grateful For The Outcome

Most of the time, successful people realize they could only generate more wealth by putting in enough effort. But the people of average are full of resentment. It does not motivate them to get what they want. Instead, they spent most of their time complaining about their misfortunes.

Some of them even blame their incapability upon their parents or even God. Worse, some are not even being grateful for what they have. How would they still have enough energy to improve themselves, when all energy is used on blaming others?

3. To have a Fix Goal And Work Towards It In Multiple Ways

We shall first have a clear goal in mind and design a master-plan to achieve. Do not become disappointed with your slow progress. Although we may not make much progress at the beginning, but do not lose faith in ourselves.

Remember, even though you may be slow, but you are moving forward day by day. Next, there is no fixed route to a destination. Be open-minded in crafting your plan and to grab any opportunities that come your way.

4. Master Self-Discipline 

Self-Discipline is an important factor that set a successful person apart from the average. Do not dream of becoming successful if we can’t even resist temptations. The lack of Self-Discipline is the primary reason some people turn bankrupt after winning the lottery ticket. What is Self-Discipline then?

One of the fundamental characteristics is the ability to forgo instant gratification, in favour of the greater gain, even if it requires more effort to do so.

The mastery of Self-Discipline will allow you to avoid acting on impulse and to overcome procrastination. Do not let the desire to procrastinate stop you from your path towards a more fulfilling life.

Hope you are on your way to develop the mindsets of a rich man. What hinders you from your journey of becoming more successful? Share with us in the comment section. Let us encourage one another journey towards greater success.


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