Do you often feel anxious during an interview or public speaking? Do you feel you are always not good enough? Often compare yourself against other high achievers. And felt that you will never be successful.

Well, you may be lacking self-confidence. You do not believe in yourselves. But don’t worry, we are here to send you a piece of good news.

Self-confidence is not a personality. It is more like a skill, that can be developed through practice. It’s like a muscle the more we use it consciously, the stronger it gets.


People who are not confident tend to compare themselves with others. They are often afraid of being judged too.

According To Mel Robbins – Remember, “If someone is judging you, that’s their problems. Don’t make it yours”

Let’s just focus us on ourselves for the next few minutes, learning how to be more confident in just 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Learn To Dance With Your Fear, Gracefully

 Many of us fearful of public speaking. Some choose to avoid giving a presentation after a few times of unpleasant experiences. People are not listening, they are talking amongst themselves. Some even yawn. But let’s not get affected by people who are so disrespectful. For you, who took the courage to present your ideas in public deserves a pat on your shoulder.

If you still think that your performances is not ideal, DO NOT give up and be practice. For one day, you will overcome that greatest fear of yours.

Step 2: Stay Away From Negative People

The second Step is stay away from negative people. At the beginning of our journey towards self-confidence, we may be more vulnerable to our environment. We become more confident when we are surrounded by people who are confident and optimistic.

On the other hand, if we are often being around those who spread negativity, we become pessimistic too. Surround ourselves with people who elate us, or people who are ready to be successful.

Are you trying to grow your business? Then hang out with like-minded people. People who can encourage you in your journey. If you want to be successful, it’s important to be with someone that you can learn from.

Maybe you could join a mastermind group or find someone who is already getting the results you want. Hear from experts and meet others like yourself who are searching for self-improvement.

It’s always tough to fight the battle alone. Try to find your counterparts. And may realize that the battle is a already half won.

Step 3: Make Learning A Habit

The third Step is make learning a habit. Through learning new skills, we become more equipped in facing challenges. Being able to complete a task swiftly makes us feel good about ourselves. It allows us to be more confident.

Learning is a exciting and rewarding. It helps to reveal our potential, allowing us to excel in life. The moment we taste a little sweetness in our journey, the more we want to learn more. As a result, the more confident we become.

Step 4: Self-Affirmation Is A Key

The last step is self-Affirmation is key. The world is already filled with people who put us down, people who do not believe in us. Why do we still want to be one of them? Why do we want to look down on ourselves?

A man can not be comfortable without his own approval“, Said Mark Twam.

Let’s be kind to ourselves and believe that we are worthy. Many times, we find it easier to affirm others than it is ourselves. But we need to remember to encourage ourselves as well.

Self-affirmation does not mean we convince ourselves of something that we are not. Telling ourselves “I’m financially rich” when we are not, does not make us rich. Rather than trying to convince yourself that you’re beautiful, when you do not feel that way.

Self-affirmation encourages us to think positively about the important things in our life. It allows us to see our own strengths.

A personal example being “I love myself for being able to help others to improve”. Find your strength and come up with your own affirmations.

As practice, do share with us what you love about yourself in the comment section. We will be happy to discover your strengths together with you. We hope you like pagalworld’s today sharing content.

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