If you are a salesman, from now onward no one going to reject you just by using these simple psychological tricks. All these tricks will help you to move ahead in life, get your point across to others, and also sell products, services, or ideas.

The fact is that no matter whatever your profession is, you are selling your ideas, service, or products to someone.

After going through this content, you will know why only certain companies cover 80% of the market and profit. There is a complete science behind this and due to this scientific reason, people buy goods from one salesperson while ignoring the other.

Here, Pagalworld presenting some psychological facts that will help you selling products to anyone. So what’s the delay, let’s begin with the first idea.

1. Strategy Of Social Proof – 

Basically, we all do what the people around us are doing. If a new phone is launched in the market, many people buy, then we are also attracted towards the same phone. And that’s why advertisers on TV keep saying that they have India’s biggest selling smartphone or fastest-growing product. Why? Because the listener feels that if so many people are using their product that will be the great product in the market since so many people can not go wrong.

This is simply the marketing strategy of the companies to sell their product. Most of them do what our society and friends are doing because we don’t want to look different from everyone else.

By not just counting tons of the features and advantages of your product, you should need to walk through your prospects some of the social proofs that how badly other people present the socially have loved your products.

2. Real is Rare –

The next great idea is Real is Rare. Human beings only appreciate those things which are very rare. For example, diamond is much more expensive than gold not because diamonds are better than gold, no! because diamond is very rare.

In such a way, whatever is rare in the world, we are afraid to lose it, that’s why you must have seen these two marketing strategies being used heavily at online sales stores

1. Shortage of product – In this, the customer is told that the product is very limited, if you do not buy their product now, then you will have to wait for the next 6 months until there is no new stock.

2. Deadline – In this, you have a few hours or a few days to buy any product. In that way, people use to have a sense of urgency to buy as soon as possible.

With this idea, we feel that the banding of the Prime Minister of our country, Mr. Narendra Modi, is done in this way. Yes! He is a hardworking person and the leader of all of us, just we are talking about branding. That’s why you must have heard such slogans –

If not Modi then who no alternative to Modi.

And that’s how the project is done like a very rare leader. So that is why in order to sell your idea and product, it is very important to realize the prospects that your product is very rare and they will suffer a lot by not taking it.

3. The Magic of Authority –

The next thing that affects our brain is the magic of authority. In fact, we believe on only those things which we have got from an expert; follows those things which we have got from any authentic source, no matter how absurd it may be.

This is the reason that all the intelligence salespersons or doctors definitely put their certificates on the wall of their office since by doing this their client comes to know that the person in front is really intelligent and reliable.

So the thing to learn is that before selling any product or idea, convince the person in front that you are a reliable person and there are many ways to do this.

For example, if you are selling medicine in a hostel, then definitely tell them that you are saying on the basis of your 15 years experience that this medicine is the best and apart from this non-verbal interaction also impresses a lot like your name put the title before, your well-made outfit, etc.

So here are some amazing tricks, with the help of which you can easily sell any of your products to anyone. Friends! If you liked today’s content of Pagalworld, then definitely share this simple hack with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook. Pagalworld will keep bringing you more amazing tips and tricks like this.

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