Today we will talk about 15 such psychological facts about which you probably did not know. These simple hacks will improve us in many areas of self development. And most importantly, you can also start using them within the next 10 minutes.

Hack No. 15 –

If you want to increase your memory and predictivity, then try to take half to one hour of sleep in the afternoon. It has been found in many studies that the brain cells of people who sleep during the day are able to make their memories more solid. And due to the extra rest of the body, they are able to do more work than others.

Hack No. 14 –

Is your mood off? This is the best time to clean your room and house. Because our brain rewards us with positive hormones for every achievement. And by clearing our surroundings, our mind feels that we have achieved something and we become happy.

Hack No. 13 –

If you have problem in sleeping then you can use this psychological hack to calm your mind. That is, take the breath in slowly for 4 seconds, then exhale and again for 7 seconds, breathe in and out. And again breathe in for 8 seconds and then out. This hack will bring more oxygen to your brain and you will feel more relaxed.

Hack No. 12 –

Instead of ever using filler words like uh, or hmm, while talking to someone, practice that you take a small pause to think about it before you say anything at that time. With this people will not feel that you are trying to hide something or tell a lie.

Hack No. 11 –

Whenever you are shaking hands with someone, make sure that your hand is warm. Because a warm hand can make you more desirable and attractive in the eyes of others.

Hack No. 10 –

Never speak ill of others behind their backs. That is, even if the people around you are doing evil to another person, even if you agree with that, you do not have to be a part of that gossip.

In this way, when people will understand that you do not do evil behind others’ backs, then those people will stop doing evil to you behind your back. In this way people will start considering you more positive than others and will start trusting you.

Hack No. 09 –

Always focus on only one task at a time because multitasking is a myth. Take out a few hours of the day by prioritizing only one task and then start doing other things. Because if you try to do too many things at once, chances are that you will not be able to do anything in any way.

Hack No. 08 –

While looking for something, start from the right and move your gaze to the left. Because usually most people look from left to right. But when we turn our eyes like this, the chances of ignoring our things are very high because we have become used to this movement.

We do not pay much attention to this thing, but as soon as we start looking in the opposite direction, our eyes become slower and more focused and our chances of finding that thing increase.

Hack No. 07 –

If you want others to listen to you and take you seriously, just lower the pitch of your voice and try to speak with your mouth instead of your throat. By doing this, whatever you are saying, your voice will sound like a command. In this way people will automatically get straight and start giving you attention.

Hack No. 06 –

You must know that we feel relaxed while listening to slow songs, but this effect does not always work. Many studies have shown that at times when you feel depressed, lazy or tired, you should listen to loud extreme type of music. By doing this, the neurons in your brain will also try to match the speed of that song and you will feel energized immediately.

Hack No. 05 –

If you find it difficult to remember something or you hear something that you want to remember later. Then whenever you think about that thing, close your fist tightly. With this hack, your brain activity will improve and you will be able to remember that thing easily.

Hack No. 04 –

Prepare your psychological state in advance for any interview. Tell yourself that I have known these people since childhood, we are meeting after many years and I cannot wait to meet them.

By saying these things to yourself, you will be able to visualize a positive experience. And your chances of cracking that interview will increase.

Hack No. 03 –

While shopping, don’t be dazzled by what is lying in front of your eyes. Because the things which are kept at our eye level are mostly expensive and simply because most of the customers can easily access the things lying in front of them and shopkeepers can make more money. So that’s why try to reduce your shopping bill by looking at the product at the top or bottom of the shelf.

Hack No. 02 –

Whenever you are feeling sad, eat banana or pineapple. Because these fruits contain tryptophan, the amino acid that produces serotonin, which makes you feel relaxed and happy after eating.

Hack No. 01 –

In any creative competition, if your opponent is performing very well, then just ask them what is their technique of performing such. This question will make them think the answer to it, so that their energy will move away from their body, and their creativity, to logic. And because of overthinking, they will start performing badly.

So these were some simple hacks that you can use in your daily life. Hope you liked the today’s content of Pagalworld. Stay tuned to Pagalworld for more such fun hacks.

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