During the tenure of the 18-day war of Mahabharata, Pitamah Bhishma fierce the Pandavas side by fighting the intense battle all on his alone for 10 days. And unfortunately, this wonderful warrior of Mahabharata slept on Sarsaiyan by telling himself the remedy for his death through Shikhandi.

The war of Mahabharata went on for 8 more days after he was lying on his sarsaiyan. But Pitamah Bhishma did not leave the body. Because he wanted that only when the sun would be Uttarayan, he would leave the body.

Friends, Pitamah Bhishma stayed at Sarsaiyan for 58 days. After that he renounced his body, then it was Shukla Paksha of Magha month.

Throughout the text, we tell you about 11 special lessons from the teachings given by Pitamah Bhishma.


  • To Get Freedom From Anger, Learn How To Forgive.
  • To be Free From Impure Desires One Should Not Make Plans
  • By Spiritual Practice One is Able to Conquer Sleep.
  • By Tolerance Only One Conquer Worldly Desires
  • Disturbances From Various Diseases Can be Avoided By Regulated Diets.
  • By Self-Control One Can be Free From False Hopes
  • Money Can be Saved By Avoiding undesirable Association
  • By Practice Of Yoga One Can Control Hunger.
  • Worldliness Can be Avoided By Culturing the Knowledge Of Impermanence
  • Confusion Can Be Conquered By Rising Up Your Level


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