Every Child is gifted, they just unwrap their packages at different times“. In today’s time, we often see that parents have a lot of complaints, from their children and children are also getting away from their parents. Today’s children do not listen to their parents or simply say that our parents do not understand their children.

The role of parents is very important in the development of children. They must have a good and coordinating relationship in the performance of this role.

Today we will talk about this topic that what you should do to become a good parent.

1. Guide and Support


“Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them’. Every Parent should Teach children to take a lesson, from their failure. If he is not able to perform well, in his class or is not able to give his best in any field of life, then instead of scolding or rebuking him, explain to him with love.

Every child is special in itself. And has some ability, so it is the responsibility of the parents to identify the child’s ability and help him to improve it.

It is the duty of a good parent, to make your children believe that, you are the best and you have the ability to do anything.

2. Listen to your child

Whenever your child wants to say something to you, then listen very carefully to your child’s words and also respond. Be a good friend of your child, do not just explain to them all the time, but also try to understand them like a friend.

Give the child an open environment in the house, only then he will be able to say everything on his mind to you without any hesitation.

3. Help Them To Be Independent

As the world is progressing rapidly, it is important for every child to be self-reliant. For the bright future of the children, it is very important to teach them the quality of self-reliance from the beginning. With this, the child will be able to do his own work and his dependence on others will end.

As a parent, it is your duty to make your children capable, that they can live their life easily even without these comforts, without complaining and face the difficult times in life and able to move ahead firmly.

4. Discipline is a must

Make children physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially strong. Teach them to be disciplined, instead of giving physical or physical pleasure, you should teach children, to make their minds strong.

Make them emotionally strong, explain to the child that no matter what the situation, whatever the environment and how the people are, you have to be stable in every situation. Make some boundaries and standards for your child.

Children who learn to mold themselves in any situation, those children can easily face bad times.

5. Be a Good Role Model

All parents are role models for their children, so your child will learn as you behave. Give a happy environment to the children at home so that the children also enjoy staying at home.

Children listen carefully to your every word and pay attention to your every activity, so be in front of them as you want them to be. So, never fight in front of your children, do not shout in a loud voice, and do not misbehave.

6. Help them to build a good Character

The important thing is to have guidelines. Guidelines that help your child grow without being too strict. Ideally, your children should have more love for you than they fear for your rules.

State your rules clearly. Children should be aware, of the consequences of their actions. If you punish them, keep in mind that children understand both the reason, for the punishment and the mistake.

7. Explain social skills and restrictions

No parent wants, their child to be left behind in this round of competition. But a good parent is the one who not only educates their children but also helps them in making them good human beings.

For this, it is very important to inculcate moral values ​​in the children. The moral values ​​that parents instill in their children from childhood, go with them throughout their life.

8. Trust Them

Sounds like a very short-term, but it has a lot to do with a child’s rational development. If your child is telling you something, trust him. Building a reliable relationship with a child is as important as watering the plant for its continued growth. It’s very necessary to trust your child.

9. Show you love

To make your child a good person, it is very important to give them time and love. No matter how busy you are, make time for your children because the more time you give to your child, the better you will know and understand him.

Every parent loves their child but to be a good parent it is more important to show that love.

10. Teaching responsibility

Motivate your child to study, sit with him while studying. It is also the duty of a good parent, to pay attention to the studies of their children. Give priority to children’s education.

In today’s era, maintaining an environment of study in homes is no less than a challenge for both mother and father.  The time of study should be such that there are minimum people in the house. So that children can get solitude for studies.

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