The war of Mahabharata has been the most destructive and destroyer war till date. Many people and great warriors were killed in this war and the entire dynasty of Kauravas was over.

It is said that so many people died in this war and so much blood was shed that the color of the land there is still red. The war of Mahabharata was the most historical war in the world in which Pandavas win over Kauravas.

So today Pagalworld will tell you about 10 such great warriors and their powers. Let’s take a look at these mighty warriors.

10. Duryodhana

Duryodhana was the eldest brother among the 100 Kauravas and was also called a great warrior. No one had more ability to drive a mace than him. At that time, Duryodhana was one of the best warriors to wield a mace.

Duryodhana had amazing powers and it is said that he had the strength of 100 men. Duryodhana was not bothered by a small loss. He learned his martial arts from Guru Dronacharya and Kripacharya.

Duryodhana learned the skill of running a mace from Balarama, the elder brother of Shri Krishna. Duryodhana is said to be the most cruel ruler of the world. Duryodhana was also the biggest reason for the war of Mahabharata.

09. Bheem

Bhima was the second elder brother of the five Pandava brothers. He was the son of Kunti and Vayudev. Bhima was as powerful as his father. He was considered as strong as Vayudev and Indradev.

If we talk about power, then in the entire Mahabharata, there was no one stronger than Bhima. It is said that Bhima had the strength of 10000 elephants. Bhima also learned to use the mace and sword from Balarama.

It is said about Bhima that once he had fallen from his mother’s lap on top of the hill and the rock on which he had fallen was completely destroyed and Bhima did not even get a scratch.

08. Abhimanyu 

Abhimanyu was the son of the great warrior Arjuna. Abhimanyu spent his childhood in Dwarka under the conduct of Shri Krishna. He learned the art of warfare from his father Arjuna and Krishna’s son Pradumna.

Abhimanyu had a tremendous art of learning. Which he started from the womb of his mother. When Arjun used to tell Abhimanyu’s mother about the war policies, Abhimanyu started learning the war strategies while staying in the womb.

And in the same way, he had learned how to enter the Chakravyuh from his father Arjuna as soon as he was in the womb. But he could not learn the art of breaking the Chakravyuh. Because by the time Arjuna was telling this art to his mother, his mother was asleep.

Abhimanyu is considered as strong as his father Arjuna. Abhimanyu was only 16 years old when he joined the war of Mahabharata.

07. Ghatothkach

Ghatotkacha was the son of Bhima and Hidamba. They were half gods and half demons, that is why they included the divine powers of both. Because he was the son of Hidamba, that’s why all the demonic powers were present in him.

Ghatotkach was also the son of a chhatriye, that is why he was well versed in the art of warfare. Ghatotkacha had many divine powers such that he could make his body as big as he wanted. That is why all the warriors of Mahabharata were afraid of him.

06. Ashwatthama

Ashwathama was the son of Dronacharya and Kriti. It is said that Ashwathama is a part of Shiva and is one of the most powerful warriors of the Kauravas. Dronacharya did penance for Shiva for many years and as a boon asked for a strong son like him.

Due to the blessings of Lord Shiva, he had a gem on his head and it was because of this gem that he neither felt hungry nor thirsty. With the power of this gem, he could subdue anyone.

Ashwathama is a Chiranjeevi and he is considered to be the master of weapons. Ashwathama had many divine weapons and among them the most powerful weapon was Brahmastra.

Bhima also said that it is impossible to fight Ashwathama in anger because he used to become as powerful and destructive as Shiva.

05. Dronacharya

Dronacharya was the father of Ashwathama and he was also the royal guru of Kauravas and Pandavas. It was Dronacharya who made Arjuna a great archer. Dronacharya had taught martial arts to Kauravas and Pandavas also.

Drona was a disciple of Parashuram ji and he fought on the side of Kauravas because of his promise. Dronacharya was very knowledgeable and Drona had made the best strategies in the war of Mahabharata.

04. Arjun

Arjuna is considered the greatest warrior of Mahabharata. Arjuna was the son of Indradev and Kunti. Arjun was a very good archer and his guru was Dronacharya. Arjuna went ahead of his master in martial arts with time. And became the world’s greatest archer.

Arjuna had very good knowledge of weapons and weapons and he also had many divine weapons. The biggest weapon they have is the Brahmastra. But at the behest of Krishna ji, Arjuna did not use any of his divine weapons.

Arjuna killed many great warriors in the war of Mahabharata, including Karna and Bhishma Pitamah.

03. Karna

Karna was the son of Suryadev and Kunti. Karna was the eldest brother of the Pandavas. But Karna fought this war on behalf of Kauravas due to social discrimination and his dear friend Duryodhana.

Karna took his education from Lord Parashurama. Karna was born with a Kavach and Kundal and this Kavach and Kundal were given by his father Suryadev. Due to this armor and coil, no weapon could harm them.

Karna had given a promise to Bhishma Pitamah that as long as he remains in the war, I will not fight the war. Because if both of them went to war together, they would destroy the Pandavas. Because of this promise, Karna landed in Kurukshetra after the death of Bhishma Pitamah.

Karna was a great warrior, it was very difficult to defeat him in general. The Pandavas made a conspiracy to defeat Karna and under it, Karna’s armor and Kundal were demanded, only after which Arjuna was able to kill Karna.


02. Bhisma Pitamah

Bhishma was the son of Devi Ganga and Shantanu. Bhishma was also the grandfather of Kauravas and Pandavas. Bhishma Pitamah also took his education from Parashurama. He had got this boon from his mother Ganga that his death would be wishful death.

Once Parshuram ji had said that never fight any battle with Bhishma because he is so powerful that it is difficult to win from him in battle.

01. Krishna 

Lord Krishna was the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna was the most learned and most powerful warrior of Mahabharata. He had taken a vow not to take up arms in the Mahabharata.

Lord Krishna became Arjuna’s charioteer in the battle of Mahabharata. Lord Krishna was also a great warrior and his knowledge and his strength cannot be described in words.

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